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Enough with this "whoever gets ProceRat wins" tournament!

I’m not even gonna mention the bugs and screw ups (that are still happening) in this week’s tourney… But for pity’s sake, it’s bad enough we have to deal with Advantage tourneys every two weeks… then you also repeatedly give us one of the worst rules, with that Epic hybrids thing and the sea of ProceRats… It’s the third month in a row we have that! Please, stop. Even strong ProceRat users are fed up. If we’re really gonna have this many Advantage tourneys, at least give us different ones.


I can’t heart your post enough.

I’m so tired of seeing them.


They need to have boosts disabled for advantage tourneys, it can be very fun to use side projects that you have at lvl 30 but lack boosts. Advantage tourneys have lost their charm if boosts are going to be allowed simply because not everyone used their boosts on Procerat and Ig2 because they used it up on Geminititan and other creatures that are actually on their arena team.


I don’t know about Procerathomimus specifically ,but I’ve had enough of this and like tournaments. I’ve never been so unmotivated in a tournament. But we need to get further along.


When there is no more Procera, another creature will be boosted by p2w bots and a new rat will be born. As long as boosts exist, nothing will change. And since it’s Ludia, nothing will ever be changed for the better.


There is another one already. It’s called Indominus Rex GEN 2. But there’s nothing like Procerat, because it’s one of the strongest Epics with no hybrids so far… so people could and can boost and level up without giving up anything

Still, ProceRat is annoying but it’s not the main issue. The issue is this same annoying rule every end of the month… the rat only makes it worse.


another one here tired of this amount of shame.

too many efforts to finally end gaining 300 dna150 coins because I decided not to overboost a procerat


Not only that, the rewards tiers are so punitive that you need to place at least top 1000/500 to even get anything more than what you would get for like 1 or 2 map spawns …


Also tired of this. And a quick look at their social media accounts suggests that it isn’t limited to this forum - everywhere I go there are complaints about Procerat. It’s a joke.


I have to disagree, my procera is level 25 with 1 boost on it and i am currently in top 50 in this tournament. You do not need one to be competitive. Just have to be innovative to get rid of it

Indom gen 2 is a stronger epic by far, but the problem is Indo gen 2. Not many people have it to team level as they use it for Indo. I luckily have only seen 1, but it hurt. If procerath is a trouble @Arnold, level up amargoceph if possible. It’s really underrated and has Invincibility to stop rampages. My level 24 takes massive chunks out of the boosted level 30 monsters. I hope next month’s tournaments have NO hybrids, and if they do, it’s rare hybrids. We have had the legendary tournament for the past 2 months and the epic hybrid for the past 3. We should get something like a rare or common skill sometime soon


Amargoceph needs a buff tbh, he should be able to beat Procerat in 1v1. Nodopato too. Lasmus too. That simple, speedsters should be countered by tanks


I see such post every week. While I agree, it’s really not going to change anything.

While lasmus still does well against procerath, the problem is that, in an advantage tournament, not many people have brontolasmus leveled due to Brontotherium. Amargoceph may not be able to kill it, but it devestates it, and that’s good for this tournament as, once that goes down, there isn’t much left I find

If you are top 50, it means you have a team of quite strong hybrids. Not the case for the majority of players though. All the way from top 1000 to top 250 there are teams of weakass creatures along with a boosted ProceRat 27-30. So yeah, whoever gets it wins for 90% of players.


I don’t run ProceRat, but I have a Gorgo that usually eats them for dinner. But again, that’s not the issue here… as said before, if it wasn’t this rat, there would be another broken creature ruining it… The main problem is this same rule again every month

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I have a team with my level 20 purolyth as the weakest member, as well as a 28 boosted sarco. I am quite good at ridding myself of it, but that doesn’t mean I’m in the top 50. I’m around top 250, but it’s a struggle

The thing is I have a massive level disadvantage but some creatures just still do so well I have seen 2 yoshi this tournament being a level 28 boosted one and a level 19 unboosted one By the way my highest lvl which is my weakest know it or not is a lvl 18 purolyth and the others except for Edmontoguanadon are lvl 15 and I can somewhat compete with some of the opponents I face

Neither do I, but you are right 100%. I would say sarco would be next, but sarco isn’t that hard to fight, especially when thylacotator becomes relevant. Indom gen 2 would still be #1, but because of Indo gen 2, it’s under the radar. Luckily with this tournament, people don’t have much after the procerath, so it’s an easy downhill ride. That doesn’t mean we want this for the 4th month in a row


Tournaments could b so much more interesting if only the OP hybrids were banned…

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