Enteloceros Resistances

I just saw Enteloceros for the first time, and it’s resistances make no sense.

First, Rending: None of the components have rend resistance, so why does it gain that, makes no sense.

Second, and the biggest, speed: Both Entelochops and Megaloceros are immune to speed reduction, so why does Enteloceros go to 50% speed resistance if both are immune?




Dev 1: “We made a cool new hybrid Enteloceros, but Phorurex keeps destroying it! Should we maybe nerf Phorurex a bit?”
Dev 2: “Nah, just give literally one dino rend resistance. That’ll be enough to stop it.”


Ikr, what the heck? Rend resistance?
I’m really hoping this was an accident
@Ned could you check with the team If this was really intentional?

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I don’t mind stray resistances honestly. Tryostronix is resistant to rend when literally none of its components are resistant to it, so there’s that. My main problem is the Deceleration. As mentioned, both parents are immune to Deceleration, yet the resulting hybrid only has 50% resistance? That’s just uncool. Why couldn’t you do 75% if you really wanted to cut the immunity?

I like the rend resistance, but I’m willing to exchange that for the Immunity to Deceleration, easy.

I think the lack of decel immunity helps it use MF since it’s pretty fast

Wait, how fast is it again? I haven’t studied it’s stats very long, so I’ve forgotten.

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It has 126 speed


Oh well then, that’s something. Wait I think that’s the same speed that Entelochops has, right? Either way, 75% could’ve been a better medium if we’re worried about the viability of Mutual Fury. And now that I think about it - the RN said that Demon Goat is supposed to be an Anti-Tank Tank. So maybe the rend resistance is supposed to fortify this role.

It has the same speed as Entelochops, and that has mutual fury, but a speed immunity, so that’s another thing.