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Entelochops - Revenger

I’ve got Entelochops close enough to team level and should have it to 20 with the rest of my team soon.

Health and damage wise, it doesn’t look to be but just average but may be a good 2nd or 3rd to pull out, depending on the situation. If anything, it’s something different to surprise my opponents with as a creature they don’t run into every day.

My Team 20200513


Ooh! Awesome!! I do like it when people aren’t using the same dinos I ever and owner… so woo!

I was able to use Entelochops a couple times now. I’m putting it into the ‘novelty’ category. It’s a little sub-par.

Phorasaura would be a better choice for a ‘Revenge’ dino with instant rampage and more damage. Entelochops does have the 2X Revenge Shattering Rampage that can break shields and bypass armor which is a plus to Phorasaura and could be useful against an opponent that has a shield up or could throw and instant shield on you.

If you have a fast opponent that is slow-able, using the 2X Revenge Decelerating Impact first so you can do the 2X Revenge Shattering Rampage next turn before they can get a hit in would work.