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Entelodon disappeared?

Seriously, this happened with Miragai a few weeks back, now Entelodon. Since Friday, I stopped getting him. Thats THREE whole days of jipping us. What I wonder is did this happen to everyone? Some in my alliance say they still received him regularly, some say he totally disappeared as well. I was actually enjoying this hybrid pursuit. First week of pursuit I’ve enjoyed in quite some time. Hope mammoth stays all week

Yeah same here.
And my zone shifted again. Weird stuff.

Mine shifted too. I’m getting a postosuchus invasion. But I guess we finally have a migration. Every 2 weeks it seems.

I wouldn’t mind that, but I was kinda hoping getting stuck in zone 2 at home :slight_smile:
I’m in Egypt now for another month.

Yeah I’m no fan of

Because it used to be my zone before. I hope I’ll end up in zone 2 eventually. I need pyroraptors.

I can use some pachy, still have smilonemys in my team. But it’s really bad.
Rhino can’t hurt though, but not sure its worth it still.

Well, they nerfed mammolania, though it’s good for raids. But I’m not interested in it. I’m focusing on getting magna asap.

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…? Really? I’m still stuck in L4 plus I think entelodon is daily right?

Entelodon is a global day dawn dusk spawn, but I’m definitely in my former L4 with these spawning for me now:

Previously I was in this zone as soon as 2.0 hit:

I’m happy, back in area 2! I feel bad for the people that just got to area 2. Maybe its monthly.