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Entelodon in Battle

So after 15 miles of riding today, I found enough Entelodon to get it to level 15 team level.

The Idea of Entelodon is to be a starter who does a hit or two and swaps out to another creature to later swap back in healing to do one last hit on something.

Entelodon is not impressive. The swap in 25% heal is as laughable as the heal on Einiasuchus but I had to try the swap back in just to do it even though it was not enough to take my opponents hit… just like Einiasuchus.

If the dev’s consider a little adjustment, give it a 50% heal or maybe there is a plan for an Epic or Legendary hybrid they can have a swap in 50% heal. The thought of a swap in full heal would be interesting for a new Unique.

Aside from Entelodon being less than par, I’ll throw it in with the fun dino’s to use when not serious about trophy’s. Maybe getting to level 16 would add a little umpf. This is the team I played and I did win when I didn’t have Entelodon.


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