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Me too! Just got it today. I didn’t have the chance to go hunting the Sundays since the Update. Has it been showing up on Sunday since the update or did it just hit the map today?

Just hit the maps today.

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Not a single one in sight yet.

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I got mine. Now the only missing creatures are the turtle hybrids.

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Thank you for letting me know it just hit today, I was really curious!

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Got one so I could unlock it. Now turtle and it’s hybrids are left for me.

I got lucky and found 2 :slightly_smiling_face: thankfully pretty easy to dart so 450, level 9!

Spotted 5 today, darted 3. I didn’t even get out much today.

Nice, seen 0:)

Havent seen a single one today. Tho, i haven’t been out of the house yet

If you can get out even just a little, you should run into at least a couple. I got quite a few today. If you can’t make it out, I hope one will spawn on your house for you! I love when that happens! :grin:

Not much spawns in small towns. especially when they’re local 1.
and after just turning my phone on, i spot one too far over some train tracks to go get.
Edit: I went for it anyway. was just able to max range it. If it was a flyer it would’ve been too far.

It was out right raining half the day here and still is so this is how far I got earlier. I hope to be able to play it on my 2nd account 15-16 teams after next Sunday. I’m also working on Kelenken also. I like playing them all.

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My son and I darted 2. Almost missed him, wasnt expecting to find him.

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