Entelolania build suggestions

Hi, I just lved up entelolania and I was wondering how to booste it?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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First of all, very based entelolania you got there

Second my endgame build is 9/13/8


Yeah, I was hoping for update news this Friday.
Was going to wait for a booste shuffle before I started to add boostes onto him. Also parasauthops has taken most of those :sweat_smile:

But thanks for the advice :pray:

This is mine.


This build works well for me. While there of course would be better creatures, I do not plan to replace her.

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What is the high speed for? Just out of curiosity

This is one of my top 3 dinos….if you can boost the speed you can get the jump on attacking. I boosted the speed and damage output first……and it take down Apex dinos

Currently, mine is lvl 26.
My Entelolania:
4829 - 6 hp boosts
1680 - 8 dmg boosts
125 speed - 9 speed boosts

I’ve recently reached 8dmg and 9 speed - 1680dmg @ lvl 26. 125 speed.

At lvl 30 this is:
2042 dmg
125 speed

My intended health amount: 13 hp boosts which are 6764 @ LVL 30.

My end goal is 13 health, 8 dmg, 9 speed. I prefer more damage and speed with Entelolania, but more HP boosts may be useful in tanking larger hits.

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Most people run nitro lanias. So like 30+ speed, lots of attack and some hp. It’s got great bulk already

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