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Entelolania Rebalance

I’m putting this here in hopes that one of the devs sees my suggestion and take into consideration for the next update.

Now I really like the turtle superhybrids that have been introduced over these past updates, as I am currently running all four of them with great success: Smilonemys, Testacornibus, Mammolania of the subject of this post Entelolania.

Unfortunately Entelolania here is a bit of a disappointment on both being a PVP creature and being a Raid creature.

So here is my proposition to make Entelolania a far more interesting and viable creature for both PVP and Raids.

My explination behind the changes you see in the image should be reasonable:
Give it 50% armor so it can match its Mammolania counterpart and give it a moveset that makes it both a solid tanky damager with 2 abilities to increase its damage and a utility raid creature that can support its team with reliable speed and damage buffs while also slowing all opponent creatures.

Removing its Emergency Heal and replacing it with Dig in Taunt is to solidify it as a utility support and tanky bruiser by not making it a horrible healing creature, Dilorach and Tuoramoloch have the “best healing creature” title on lockdown so I see no need for Entelolania to do their job but worse.

Finally its resistances which I feel its only fair to give it the same resistances as Mammolania.

With this new and improved Entelolania players will have to make a decision between spending their mammoth and meiolania dna on either:

A bulky low damage tank with consistent shields and the ability to remove cloak and dodge and being a little bit faster than its other tank contemporary’s (Mammolania)

Or have for greater damage potential while also bringing utility to a raid with its damage buffs and speed reduction (Entelolania)

Do any of you agree with what I’ve said here? I would love to here feedback on this!
(I also apologize of some of the numbers are a bit off in the image its hard to edit things on a phone)


I’m liking this buff. It seems very reasonable. How long did it take to make this balanced? I would love this version of Entelolania.

I would try to distance it from Mammolania in the resistances. Stun is crucial to resist as is decel, but maybe make it immune to distraction so then it can do a full PFS+Rampage. I would replace this with the vulnerable immunity. Also buff the speed to something like 107, so then it can also outspeed creatures like Sarcorixis with a MF.


i still dont get entelolania

mammoth+entelodon= Entelomoth
meiolania+ mammoth= mammolania
Entelomoth+Meiolania= entelolania

Uuhh nope

Mammuth+Entelodon= Entelomuth + Meiolania = Entelolania

Mammuth+ Elasmotherium= Mammotherium + Meiolania= Mammolania


Beautiful this is how it should be

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