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Entelolania should have a different moveset


Entelolania is the only unique hybrid in the game with a turtle build, But almost noone uses it. I think it needs to be buffed and have a completley different moveset. Its current moveset is just another simple tank and is almost the same as mammolania and testacornibus, which are much better with that kind of moveset.
Instead I think that it should have a moveset more like its hybrid components. This is my idea:

(lvl 30) health: 5105 → 5400 attack: 1701 → 1750

Speed 107
Armor 45%
Critical 5%

Defence shattering strike

Mutual fury

Emergency heal (greater?)


Exposing counter (passive)

Resistances: stun 75% speed decrease 100% wound 50% vurnable 50%

I think it’s moves are fine I use it in the beach now. The biggest problem would be that it lost stun resistance from entomoth. And in a swap meta where swapping from mrhino and magnus is in 99.8% of matches, losing the stun resist causes the turtle problems.

I like the resistances you made though.


It’s fine rn, especially since it can beat both Lux and Magnus when boosted properly


turtlania doesnt need a buff, only a few people use it cuz mammolania is just generally better…
Also you’re the only one who think testa is better


Testa needs a buff more than this. It has like 1k less health and 500 less attack imo


Only buff i feel it should have is stun resistance, entelolania is quite good at the moment, especially with it’s last buff finally giving it devastation. Only reason it’s not used as much is because mammo fills the resilient class better than entelo does, so it’s more favorable, but i tend to use it to get because of the high damage it can output.

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Entelolania definitely is not worse than Mammolania and Testacornibus!
I am using it in Shores and it is working perfectly fine. You just have to know how to use it :slight_smile:

Testa and Mammo are better when it comes to defense while the Turtle is the offensive alternate to it.

But agree with others here. Since every single team uses Magnus and MRhino it would be great to see some stun resistance on Entelolania

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Out of all the creatures that need a buff (Indoraptor, Pterovexus, etc) Entelolania is definitely not one of them. If boosted correctly it can easily beat both Hadros Lux and Ceramagnus which are easily some of the most meta creatures right now. The only real buff entelolainia really needs is a stun resistance/immunity.

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It is just fine, who told u ppl doesn’t uses it? Indeed ppl uses it and infect it is one of the few apex killer.


I have Entelolania on my team and it is fine as it is. My Entelolania is barely boosted and it is a BEAST!

unless I go up against a bunch of Chompers or Stunners

It should have some stun resist from entolodon and entolomoth. Both who have 100% stun resistance. So doesn’t make total sense that it has none.


It only needs stun resistance much like Dio.

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