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Entelolania Will Do 9450 Damage

What I have been referring to as the “Resilient buff nerf” in my posts could’ve been handled better by Ludia, as many people have stated. This will affect many Resilient, Cunning, and Fierce creatures alike.

Everyone is talking about Hadros and Cera, but I have been noticing something with Entelolania.

You have Persistent Ferocious Strike, buffing its attack 50% for 2 turns. This already brings its strike damage to 2100 and its impact damage to 3150.

After the 2.9 buff nerf, Resilient Impact will inflict vulnerability for 2 turns. This promptly brings its strike damage to 3150 and its impact damage to 4750.

Because these effects last 2 turns, Devastation should do 9450 damage if Entel survives to turn 3.
I would like to here your input on this.


Entelolania does a huge amount of dmg but you won’t get the combo off without dying.
I was planing on using entelolania but after the 2.9 notes I think the dear is better in everyway
-can slow down the opponent and cleanse.
-higher speed
-immune to decel, vulnerability and stun entelolania only has vulnerability and speed.
Also has a on escape buff

The only way you get it off is if the person only has cunning creatures or goes afk


I’m thinking Entel could get a health buff. Preferably after the Resilient changes are fixed, if at all.

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Entelolania will always have a damage advantage but deer God will have supreme versatility which is why I love it

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I doubt Elania needs a buff considering if you get it set up, it can easily sweep an entire team. I works a little like fierce creatures.

That’s just the “Pink case”, Vulnerable Resist, Armor, Distraction or Instant Distraction, Cunning attack, Stun and Shield (also Priority) will ez pass it!