Entelolania? Yes or nay

My team currently consists of mostly cunning creatures and feel like I should replace one of them with a pure resilient

The reason why I get this idea is because I’ve seen it once or twice in aviary and of how incredibly strong Entelolania is and wonders it can potentially make once it’s attack boosted to a certain level

As you can see here, my team is currently comprised of mostly cunning/cunning fierce and there isn’t a pure resilient in my team.

So I’ve made up my mind
I’ve decided to swap out my Erlidominus. Don’t get me wrong tho, I do love my Erlidominus for all the time it has won victories for me. The immense damage it deals and it’s immunities is it’s main selling point but the only flaw of it is how extremely low it’s health is.

So since my team is already full of low healths (or somewhat), I think it’s time for me to put in a high health, heavy duty creature that deals alot of damage and heals alot when properly used.

The problem is that, and the reason why I even make this post in the first place, is that it isn’t as “fluid” as Erlidominus when being used.

You see, my team is pretty much comprised with creature that utilises swap in/out
So my main concern is about how Entelolania wouldn’t be able to swap out when it’s the right time to, against creature that has swap prevention ( like Grypo ) and the immunities it lacks compared to Erlidominus.

Sooo… My question is would it be worthwhile for me to create and use it when taking account to my current team tactics? Or which in your opinion, should be replaced instead of Erlidominus?

( Idk this is the first ever post I’ve made don’t judge me lol )

Work on getting an apex. I’m not the person you should be asking for these things, but definitely try to get an apex.

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Ooh, would be nice if my alliance and friends are either active or strong enough to do so lol

Yeah apexes surely are strong and would consider replacing some if I ever get one, but with current situation it’s that some apexes are being caught up by some uniques so imo I would rather spend time upgrading my uniques to beat those apexes I meet in the arena than spending god knows how many weeks waiting and losing raids lol


Erlidom has to hit the bench, its useless unfortunately. With only 3330 hp at 26 it can generally be 2 shot by almost anything. A good resilient to work on would be something like skoona, mammolania, testa or even monolorhrino. Entelo lacks the resistances, it can be twiddled by anything with stun or ill just get destroyed by something with fierce. I am assuming that you are in aviary - low library. Often those arenas (especially aviary) are flooded with thors. Mono can distract, skoona also can distract (it can tank a hit by max damage thor impact even at lvl 22, testa should be able to get in a hit and slow it/ add vulnerability and mammo can slow, rampage and make it vul or get in pfs. Entelo also lacks speed and giving it to much makes it harder to boost in other areas such as hp and attack

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I love my Entelolania! She handles herself quite nicely in the arena. :muscle:t2::turtle:


Mammolania, entelo, gem are good ideas i believe



She’s not nitro, but she’s quick.

Yep, that’s why I’m kinda doubtful on wether to get entelo. Bowser seems like a greater alternative, since it’s immune to swap prevention which suit my team tactic


Wow :exploding_head: what is her boost distribution? Taking down a Mortem Rex is not for some weak dinos

Entelolania is a monster. The damage output is awesome. It destroys flocks, or any fierce creature in one blow if you have devastation ready. You can even wreck skoona, mammolania, mrhino, and more! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that’s one reason why I’m thinking about creating it

In my opinion, it’s pretty worth it. Pairing Entelolania and Scorpius Gen 3 is pretty absurd. They’re synergistic and wreck. The damage output and ability to cleanse the damage are imperative. Plus, having higher damage means you heal more. With dig in, I have 131 speed. I used 6-speed boosts.


Yeah, dumping all attack boosts on it and use persistent, then dig in, oh damn I can see my opponent eye rolling on it already lol. Just hope I’m lucky to use it against anything but thor and mortem lol

As someone that doesn’t have Entelolania but has fought it more than a few times, I can see the appeal as to why you might want one. The potential damage made for Devastation is insane when boosted, and it has armor to tank hits from basically everything that isn’t fierce. I’m also curious on whether I want it in my team or not.

But, nitro Thors and Mortems are still out there. And they will crush Entelolania’s shell if they’re faster. Also, as stated earlier, Grypo and Scorp3 are dinos that can stop Entelolania in its tracks if they break that momentum, thanks for it being able to be stunned and bled out. And Scorp3 is growing very popular - I just fought a level 30 with over 2.2k damage.

So yea, the lure of Entelolania is there, but there’s also weaknesses that you have to consider as well.

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Definitely can recommend the turtle. Not as OP as other dinos, but does serve me well in the shores.

1 shotting a Mortem, Gemini, Maxima or Tenonto is just great. And it can beat the deer in a 1v1.


This. It’s important to predict when the opponent may swap. Use the devastation move in preparation. Otherwise, heal before you get anywhere near half hp. If you have half HP, it’s more enticing for the enemy to swap. The end goal is to stay alive, so do that by using the persistent ferocious strike and heal.

When I run into a counter, I’m generally also running a scorp Gen 3 too. They’re a pretty synergistic pair! I beat a few grypolyths with it yesterday. I wait for as long as possible without hitting it / boost damage to be ready for devastation. This works most when you already had Entelolania out to begin with.

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And don’t forget Thor lol :laughing: But you may not see many of those in Shores. Library on the other hand is flooded with them.

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True. Main benefit of Lania in the shores really is that it counters the Deer and Skoona.
Plus if you predict a SR3 swap-in, a well timed resilient strike helps a lot.

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Her pss + devastation makes her very horrifying ngl