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Entelomoth VS Keratoporcus (JWA Battles #4)

Originally how I initially saw it in my head was that they were evenly matched to an extent. Sounds like a great battle overall.

Yeah, they’re extremely similar

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Only difference is porkus bleeds which can be an upperhand if timed right.

Although I thought Quetzorion won the poll, @SonicNTGD

Yeah, @SicilianBeast

It did, but Thylacotator has been missed out on twice so we’re giving it a battle

Ok, that’s cool

Quetzorion and Monostegotops are getting their battles afterwards, then we’re getting more voted ones


Really enjoy you series, keep up the great work! I also got inspired and did some as well you can check them out here:Dinosaur Battle #3 Erlidominus vs Spinonyx Dinosaur Battle #1 Trykosaurus vs Indominus Rex Dinosaur Battle #2 Indoraptor Gen 2 VS Sarcorixis
Enjoy! @SonicNTGD

Nice good fight

Yeah, enjoyed it too

Yeah its fun to read it, nice fight. I like how Smilodon is in it on the side.

Are you like a Universal screenwriter cause this is pretty dope man

Finally the superior one wins :smiley:

Edit: actually this is the 2nd time. Tryko is superior to I-Rex design wise, so I wanted tryko to win.

I enjoy these duels but I hate…
Imperial system :rage:

One question, how are Moth and Porcus that giant? 10 metres long? Both Woolly Rhino and Mammoth were much smaller than that

Oh yeah, I came up with that because I was trying to think of it without looking it up. It didn’t seem right to me, either.

After Erlikospyx VS Thylacotator. I have some suggestions:

Purutaurus vs. Purrolyth

Dilophoboa vs. Grypolyth

Majundaboa vs. Rajakylosaurus

Utahsinoraptor vs. Pyrritator

Indominus Rex vs. Indoraptor

Smilonemys vs. Megalosuchus

Gorgosuchus vs. Postimetrodon

Koolabourgiana vs. Alankylosaurus

Geminititan vs. Ardentismaxima

Phorusaura vs. Grykelenken

Majundasuchus vs. Tryostronix

Quetzorion vs. Dracoceratops

Procerathomimus vs. Utarinex

Monomimus vs. Pterovexus

Pteraquetzal vs. Dimodactylus

Smilocephalosaurus vs. Testacornibus

Mammolania vs. Stygidaryx

Carbotoceratops vs. Monolometrodon

Magnapyritor vs. Megalogaia

Ankylocodon vs. Diplovenator

Diplotator vs. Scaphotator

What do you think?


I think a lot of those could work

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Indom would win tho cause tryko is dumb as dirt