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Enter... Tenontorex! - an appreciation topic

Just unlocked this bad girl today…

She is amazing. I was a little bit hesitant to invest into making it, as I still am pretty disappointed by the design they went with… As a Rex - Iguanodontid hybrid it would have made more sense for it to have the Indoraptor frame than… This beefy Iguanodon.

Like I wouldn’t by any chance in the world guess it has theropod DNA in it, let alone a Tyrannosaur. So its design, for me, kinda flopped. Same reason I don’t like Grypolyth, it would have made more sense for it to have the Kaprosuchus stance, because of crocodile + Tyrannosaur. Oh well.

Anyway, rant over. It has an amazing and fun kit, and with her on my team…

I could finally achieve my goal for this tournament.

And for that, I would like to thank the fantastic alliance I am part of, Sand Dunes!

Also, shout-out to @LadyHadden, @TeaRekz, @SaraCuriosa, @PQC, @ResearchGirl, @Hersh, @Heather, @Pateradactyl, @Piere87, and all the users I couldn’t tag because of the limit, like Cleverboy, Orochimaru and MagicFingers, who made making Tenontorex possible!

… And last but not least @TyrannosaurusLex for bringing this fantastic alliance together.

Cheers! I am really grateful about all the DNA and help I’ve got to achieve this. Can’t thank you guys and girls enough! :heart:


Nice! Grats! I am about 700 from level 20 Tento… My alliance doesn’t donate it :frowning:

Welcome to the Tenontorex club! I joined it earlier this week, unlocked mine on Tuesday with a lot of lucky fuses, only took me 10 fuses to unlock from scratch - making all that park hunting worth it. Tried her out in my team, took out Tryostronix (never thought I’d come to such a point), and the decision is paying dividends so far. Even brought her to level 22 yesterday after more park and L2 hunting.

My initial review so far - absolutely amazing and such a versatile toolkit - the fact that you have a chomper which can speed control AND distract is really big. Does a lot better against some other dinos which usually do well countering chompers (so stuff like raptors and the like). Absolutely wrecks Tryko, and at even level or higher level than a Thor, destroys it (although taking a lot of damage itself. Even has a solid match-up vs Indoraptor, not something a lot of chompers can say. I’m totally going to keep leveling this girl up as much as I can, looks like I have a lot of park hunting coming up!

Side note: Ludia, could we please, please have a cunning event soon?!

Edit: Would like to add, before unlocking my own Tenontorex, I faced a lot of it in the arena, and I had dealt with them rather easily with my team mostly, even took them down with my Tragod a couple of times, so was slightly unimpressed with it, and was slightly hesitant on unlocking. But I thought, I have the resources, why not go for a top tier chomper, and I do not regret my decision one bit! Probably the ones I played Tenontorex didn’t use its kit the right way. I personally think it’s something like Tragod in terms of versatility and learning curve; can take some time to get used to, but once you master its moveset, it can really wreck havoc.


That’s sad :confused:

Yeah, the huge difference Tenontorex has is that superiority strike. For most of the time, I am getting my behind handled to me by something that has distracting, since with a chomper, I cannot cleanse it (unless it is Indoraptor). But this thing… It delivers!

I am most likely not replacing Tyrannolophosaurus, since the nullifying is just too good to pass up for me, but boy, Tenontorex is what I wanted Tyrannolophosaurus to be; a chomper who can cut down threats with distracting their damage output.

As for the Trykosaurus matchup, I actually cut down one with only losing 400 hp. Distracting Impact into Defense Shattering Rampage crit just made poor Tryko disappear, haha!

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Indeed, I love it even more for the Tryko match-up. Previously, my only reliable way of handling Tryko was my own Tryostronix, which was still hit or miss, because Tryko crits WAY TOO OFTEN and used to one-shot my Tryostronix so many times without my Tryostronix landing a single hit (because I used to go with RTC to avoid Tryko’s counter). Tenontorex’s distracting + DSR just makes the Tryko match-up a breeze.

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It is :frowning: seems like the last week there been 1 person who donated to stuff that me or my son needs… He’s been doing tarbo and I’ve switched between Tento and Dilo. What kills me is it seems there is always 1 or 2 other people who request same as me and get twice as much.

Congrats from another Tenonto user!! Mine is 23 going for 24. I run it instead of Thor. They cover similar roles, bit tenonto’s kit is waay more versatile. It’s more a “guessing game”. It needs some time to be played perfectly, but it can do a lot of things that other chompers can’t do (if it could also stun :rofl:), and if you guess right, it can make the difference. And i, instead of you, am in love with her design and her colors ahah :rofl:


The colors are nice. I mean, it looks fantastic as an Iguanodon with crests. But it is kinda lame as a Tyrannosaur hybrid. Nothing Tyrannosaurus about it.

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More like the Bully Alliance (joking).

Congrats on the new Unique and meeting your goal! Its always a satisfying experience. Hope she wins you many battles!


She already had, hehe. She is a champion for sure!

More like… The stroke tower alliance :joy::wink:

Also, side note… I have just realised your profile picture is a dog. I swear I have been seeing a black baby Groot since forever. Lol, I am so dumb :flushed::roll_eyes::sweat_smile:

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Awesome! Hope she wins you many more then. :slight_smile:

Rofl! That is amazing! :joy: I love Groot.
Its my German Shepherd, Apollo.


He is a handsome good boi! :heart_eyes:

My grandfather used to own a pair of German shepherds, Carmen (girl) and Caesar. Such characters they were. They were the “normal” color.

I really like Germans, especially black and white ones (I believe the white one is called Swiss shepherd or something like that, because for whatever reason they don’t consider it a true German shepherd. But it is literally one, but white. Whatever).

Definitely one of my favorite breed, after Alaskan Malamut and Siberian husky (and the cross of the aforementioned two), along with American Pitbulls, Caucasian shepherd and Akita dogs.


This is the white German shepherd called a Swiss shepherd I was talking about

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I grew up with German Shepherds and couldn’t wait to own one of my own. My sister has a Saddle Back (or “normal”) GSD who turns 12 this year. Apollo is the first GSD I’ve owned myself and boy, he’s expensive (poor guy has allergies).

I love him though and he’s my derp. He gives me some amazing derp faces when I least expect it.

He knows he’s handsome besides his derpy ear. Adds to his charm a bit. Lol


Have you seen “panda” GSD!? They’re so gorgeous. I would love to have either a panda or sable gsd as my next one.

I owned a white gsd/ wolf hybrid when I was a kid. He was solid white and such am amazing animal.


Well, the two we had, one was the normal / black saddle standard one. Carmen was a bit lighter with long coat… I don’t know what it is called, I try to get a good picture of how she looked like when she was alive.

According to Google, she was a plush cost German shepherd, cause looked exactly like this. Lighter than the standard and longer, softer hair.

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That shepherd almost looks like a husky! It’s gorgeous :heart_eyes:

I also really like the plush coat one, like the girl, Carmen my grandpa had.

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Long haired GSD are so pretty but such a pain to groom. Lol

Panda GSD look like husky mixes, but they’re not. My sister and I thought the same thing when we first saw a panda gsd.

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Luckily, my grandfather had house with a big yard / garden and the dog was allowed to freely go out. Most of the fuzz she was taking care of by rubbing to trees when she was “molting” her old coat.

We did groom her from time to time. Same experience with my aunts husky x malamut, Lexy.

The best way to keep long coat dogs imo is to have them a backyard to be able to go out to. Makes the two “molting” season so much less frustrating.

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Oh man, when my sisters GSD is blowing his coat and she brushes him, its like a whole other animal came off of him. Rofl

Luckily Apollo isn’t that bad, yet.

Here is the old man.