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Enthroning of the Queen

Hot and humid the weather, lazy and tired the Fury - both being terrible for Tournament Motivation. However this particular one was not something he could ignore. He waited for the right moment when the Tournament would end.

Of course, the Park was very casual as always. No, scratch that. It was not even a fourth as active as it was earlier. But this time, the creatures were genuinely concerned why Fury was so determined to secure his prize. They didn’t give much thought into it. The Einiosaurus went back to increase his health, the Prestosuchus practising her damage capabalities, and the Rajastega… Well, the Rajastega did what Rajastegas do.

Then it happened. Fury returned with loads of red DNA like items… The same that was used to create and make powerful the King, Agnarr.

Was that what he won? Then they understood it. The runner up of their forces was being taken to the laboratory. But the creatures were so used to being lazy, they went back to doing what they did. The Einiosaurus again went back to increase his health, the Prestosuchus again practised her damage capabalities, and the Rajastega… Well, the Rajastega again did what Rajastegas do.

Boy, was that a mistake. The Laboratory’s red glow intensity was enough to make even the most thick skinned of Indominuses wake up from their sleep. The creatures though definitely were happy that it was the glow that alerted them, and not the loud distracting impact screech that followed.

It was enough to make the Mosasaurus take a peep out of the lagoon, and the Titanoboa slithering to the window, to check what all the fuss was about. An island-wide confusion of this extent had happened just once before.

Wasting no time further, Aurora was strengthened up. She felt it, and so did all the creatures.

As she was being taken to the Lineup Registration Booth, she was greeted there by Agnarr. Both having witnessed each other at their worst and best of strengths, they now met being in the strongest forms they could. Agnarr was unsure if he was happy that he had Aurora, or concerned. With the strength she now had, she could either work with him against the island’s opponents, or become his worst enemy.

However things played out in favour of them. They both had the same Cunning smile, and the same Cunning thought. Their mouths didn’t speak a word, but their expressions spoke volumes. They went into the Battle Arena, showing off their power, and hence attracting more and more powerful opponents from near and far. The creatures of the island cheered for them. After a long time of cheering, it became night, and they all went back. The Einiosaurus went back to increase his health, the Prestosuchus went back to practise her damage capabalities, and the Rajastega… Well, the Rajastega went back to do what Rajastegas do.

Aurora and Agnarr, however, were giving Professor J. Fury a hard time to clean up from his resource hit, and the unfortunate destruction of his team’s balance. Poor Fury.


Your story made me giggle halfway through🤣

I feel like when I progress in the game and make big acheivements, I will have to also make stories like this :laughing:

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Such a good story :rofl: :rofl:, I love it :heart: :heart:,
So how much is your lineup ferocity hurt, are your events becoming impossible???
Congrats again, yu know have the 2 best creature in the game, will you max out all the tournament creature after??
P.S the rajastega part made me laugh to tear


Aurora and Agnarr had their first battle together! Agnarr, despite being able to hold on longer than he did, allowed himself to be knocked out…

So that Aurora could shine during the big finish.


They both went outside to have a meal after the battle… Which happened to be what they won out of the immensely tiring battle.



Have a look… :sob::rofl:




Behold the mighty fluffy, making his way into your park, even aurora and Agnarr must bow to the queen :grin: :grin:
This lineup is magnificent, so balance, the ferocity is perfect, 2nd and 3rd spot have like maybe 5000 ferocity of difference, but no big deal
And also you need a max oily boy :oil_drum: :oil_drum: :oil_drum:
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Oily at 100% power :muscle:t4::flushed:


Someday soon fury is going to look at the ferocity difference between Yudon and gorgo and decide to say screw it and level it to 30 and shortly after to level 40, Calling it now.

Anyway another good story, at this rate you will have enough material to write your own fan fic for the game, “JWTG Fury’s Saga”.


I’m sorry I just couldn’t stop thinking about JWA when I read this :joy:


Now I am going to have to watch my one Rajastega for hours to see what it actually does do!

Thanks for another entertaining JWtG story, @Jurassic_Fury , glad to see you are back on form. Even if you can no longer do all your PVE…

What an elegantly scary monster your Aurora is.


Damn fury your story writing skills are top grade bro… looking forward to seeing yudon, metriaphodon and gorgosuchus maxed next, we will all be patiently waiting ofc :wink: :facepunch:


Good eye! But… That wasn’t the only JWA reference I snuck in there… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Congratulations fury :clap:


I wish they took the poor Diplocaulus with them to have a meal all together. They could find a restaurant for each of their tastes. Plus Diploboi wouldn’t eat as much as they do obviously.

I’m feeling really sorry for her. I’ll go right now and feed one of mines till she reach… level 2.


“Rajastegas do what Rajastegas do.” I guess what they do is be less powerful than the Indominus Rex because they weren’t in the movies.


Umm, it’s a little oilier than that… :eyes::oil_drum:

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