Entleochops hybrid ideas

Hi I think it’s time entleochops gets a hybrid so post your ideas in the post I would love to see them

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Hey I was wondering if anyone knows how to get a different picture

Entelochops + Centrosaurus = Centrochops.

First is centrosaurus:

Hp: 4800
Dm: 1000
Sp: 116
Ar: 20%
A1: Resilent Strike
A2: Dig In
A3: Acute Stun
P1: Swap In Stunning Strike

Next is centrochops

Hp: 4350
Dm: 1200
Sp: 120
Ar: 20%
A1: Resilent Strike
A2: Tip The Scales
A3: Mutual Fury
A4: Revenge Stunning Impact
P1: Swap In Headbutt

Here’s the definition for Revenge Stunning Impact

Revenge Stunning Impact
Basic: 1.5x damage, 75% stun chance, 1 delay, 2 Cooldown
Revenge: 1.5x, 100% stun chance, Cooldown 2

Cool I really like them

Would be cool