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Entry fee too high

I will never spend 15 gems for a dungeon in which i get max 2d20 to throw and launching 11 or less I get a prize worth less than the 15 gems to enter…

Imagine people that get only 1 dice…

for 15 gems and 1 roll, you can still get a 20. Which is 3000 gold. I made 28k gold and spent 105 gems, pretty good ROI if I must say, its all mindset

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There is no meaning in saying what you can get because 11 times on 20 you will waste 15 gems that’s the truth…

No, its completely random. I ran the dungeon 7 times, and gained 28k Gold. Thats a fact.

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nonetheless you launch high only when you have all 3 dices usually ,the best you get with just first 2 dices is a 16-17 usually…but most of times i roll less than 10 with both…

Nope, u can get a 20 on single rolls. I do single roll bosses for hours every day, Get plenty of 20s on single rolls. Its all RNG.

Doesnt mean I dont disagree with you, the entry fee is a bit high, but everyones outcome will be different because range of randomness.


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28k in 7 run ? you rolled all 20 ? lol yeah I have been the Pope come on okyou’re another programmer saying this game is all ok this game is all good …oky dokie mister…

lulz ok buddy

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Ill just leave this here for u to chew on (gems were spent on a legendary and some epic packs for cleric) got a couple extra k in golds from deeps.

Have a nice day. When u do meet the Pope, dont forget to get his autograph.

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Vespa, there is no point arguing with him. He truly believes the employees of this company are truly out to screw him over. He thinks when he plays pvp he is playing against employees who cheat against him to win. He also believes anyone who says anything positive on the boards must be an employee or family of employees. Yet for some reason he keeps playing the game


I don’t think It is to high but I gotta say I have played it at least 20 times now and still have not gotten a 20 and I almost always get the 3 dice. The reason I don’t think it’s to high is to buy 20k gold it would cost 1000k gems. Pretty sure I will get to 20k in less gems then that. 300 or a little more and I have gotten close to 10 k. Seems a bargain to me.

I have level 9 heroes I get only 2 dices and I think tons of people gets only one dice do you think only about yourself it is few peopel that have heroes so high in level …I don’t think that people that gets 2 or 1 dice will ever pay 15 gems for this like me ,probably you should put a different fee based on hero level and how many dices they can get…

I’m good in math and my math say it is not worth stop it ,then they can give better drop to make people use them but in math terms it is not worth this way to people not getting 3 dices that’s it.

now you can continue saying oh i get 3 dices i have a lot of money see i have 100 k I have 200 k lol I have problem to get coins but you’re special that have 100 k for free yeah you’re the most brave of all while all other people get few coins you have 100k very very compliments …lol

Not every challenge is supposed to be beaten easily or at all by every player. Some challenges are easy and happen in the lower dungeons. Others are in the higher dungeons and are designed for players who have made higher levels. If you don’t feel like you can get enough dice and a big enough prize based on your team and your skill set then don’t play it

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oh man we found our “lolz” guy, which line shall I make a meme out of

I just finished the event. Spent a little over 500 gems and managed to get 26k gold, a lvl 2 cleric helm, and a lvl 3 moonstone pendant (both of which have eluded me up until now), plus a few other items not really worth mentioning. I’d say it was a pretty good return on investment. I can only get 2 dice on the dungeon btw.

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I have never said a thing about 100k or 200k or that I have lots of money. If you you don’t think it’s worth it then don’t play it.was just pointing the numbers. I play this game for free by the way so stop trying to make it out that money is involved in this in any way.

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I remember when they had an event with 800 + gems to get and you wanna know what the entry fee was?

225 gold.

Absolutely freaking ridiculous. I forgot if it was sharpstone keep, mines or hidden forge but I remember that’s all I could enter at that time.

Not everyone is going to get d20s as their reward but who knows if the devs considered that. This week with sharpstone keep challenge of 280(?) gems as reward, I had to play about 20 games to get a single d20 to show up. Now imagine the 225 gold fee to get… what 120 gems (60 gems x2 from event and it’s usually 60 gems for the d20 reward at sharpstone keep)?

While we’re talking about gold, I think the entry fee should be reduced even further. I mean everything you do in this game costs something. You want to buy something? Cost gold or gems. Enter a challenge, costs gold or gems. Upgrade equipment costs gold. Leveling up, costs gold… for some strange reason. It would be fine if it didn’t cost THAT much to do any of the above but it does. And with the current endless loading bug going around and affecting players like me, I end up getting NO rewards if i attempt a challenge and leave because the loading screen bugs out on me. Wasted gold/gems and most important of all, TIME.

In the end, with bad luck, all these challenges are are converting your gems to gold and vice versa. Entry fees for these events shouldn’t cost that much and if you are a dev and are reading this, consider lowering the costs, PLEASE.