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Eolambia and Eudimorphodon

I have one each these right now at level 10, and two more (one of each) hatching. My strongest is a level 6 Indominus, and I have another Indominus hatching. Can someone provide the entire stats of Eolambia and Eudimorphodon from level 10 to level 20? I would like to see if I can make it for Brachiosaurus tourney as well as not unbalance my PvE.

I say,level 10s would be better for the brachio tourney,but those are acceptable. Look at @Mary_Jo ‘ s Dino Data Spreadsheet.

While my spreadsheet only has level 10/20/30/40 stats, if you open it on a desktop and click on the creature name, you should see a popup with a link to the Fandom site (or you can just search the site for it yourself). Many of the creatures will have all the level stats particularly those in the game for awhile. The site allows anyone to edit it so you can always help out and add any that are missing if you are into that kind of thing!

@Mary_Jo thank you! But Eolambia’s stats are fully blank from level 11-19 in the fandom. Therefore I made the post incase anyone recorded it properly…

Oh bummer… I would often check that site every time I leveled stuff up and fill in anything missing so they’d be there for the next person that needs them, but just too much work with the spreadsheet that I’ve not been able to get to these days that I had to stop updating that site. Maybe someone else will pick it back up.


@Mary_Jo thanks anyway :smiley:

Theres a bit of trickery you can do.

So i don’t exactly know what the jump is from lvl 10 to lvl 11 (thru evolution), but a rough estimate is to take the lvl 20 stats and subtract the lvl 10 stats, and then divide by 10. Then the equation is

(Lvl) -10, * (calculated stats) to give you a rough ballpark estimate.

Heres the rough estimates for the Eolambia:

Lvl Atk HP
11 520 1110
12 555 1184
13 590 1258
14 624 1332
15 659 1406
16 694 1480
17 728 1554
18 763 1628
19 798 1702
20 833 1776

For 100% accurate results, fuse a dino to lvl 11, 21, or 31, and use those stats instead of lvl 10, 20, or 30, just because there is an evolution jump between the latter and the former.

Thats how i figured out my Stegnosuchus and Metriphidon should be at levels 19 and 14 to not overpower my Indoraptors.