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Epic and rare every day more scarce


what happens with the epic dinosaurs, many days ago I do not find a T-Rex and I have never found an epic Monolophosaurus for example.


I have a lot of rex stored

But about the topic, dont worry, you’ll find epics! It just takes a little bit of searching and incubators!


Regarding the epics, nothing has changed. It’s still almost a miracle to find one. My calculation is that I get one every 3 or 4 hours of active search (moving) or every 7 or 8 hours of inactive search (static at home, restaurant, hospital etc). Dedicating all the moments of the day except sleep and work to the dinos, you can see 1 or 2 a day with luck.

Regarding the rare, it depends on where. Near my house (rural area) it is almost as difficult to find rare as epics. On the other hand, near my work (big city) every time you look there is one. The game is very unfair to the inhabitants of rural areas because it is also very difficult to change the area without taking a car.


That’s not a lot by any means actually. Only 4 fusions for Tryko

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It may just be confirmation bias, but it seems like I find many more wild spawn epics on Saturday and Sunday, when epics are under the event drops.


A lot of Epic DNAs actually.
Just get your CC ready. It is always available in the store…:blush:


That’s nowhere near “A lot of Rex DNA” :wink:

Neither is this, actuallly :roll_eyes:

Edit - Ignore the level, I accidentally hit that huge billboard of an evolve button while trying to scroll down and it cost me 50,000 coins. I put a ticket in for a refund but they just laughed at me. Lol.


I used to have 1k, but I’m not going for tryko. But later on in the game, il get A LOT more rex dna.



You didnt need to say that, for a level 12 player, that’s alot.
Also, the reason everyone has “a lot of t rex dna”, is because they are VIP, not free to play.
I actually play the game, I don’t pay money to get around the actual game😉


No sir, the reason everyone has lots of DNA for Rex is because she had been a global dino since launch. She spawns in every zone and I think until 1.5, used to spawn at any time as well.

Even active players without VIP have or have had lots of Rex :wink:

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Near 8k is a solid amount of rex dna. But what level is ur indo tryko and erldiom? Cuz that stock pile of dna can be gone with a quickness lol. Mine are level 26 27 and 28 respectively. I know how fast rex dna gets spent lol

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Atm i have to say since 4 days I kinda found 3-5 epic per day


Today 2x rex, 1 oura, 1kentro and 1erliko


Yes you are correct Justin. My tryko is only 22, I dont even have an Erlidom and Indo is 25. That Rex is going to vanish quickly, very very quickly.


That’s why I said I have a lot of rex :smirk:


Found 7 epics today. Brachi, nodo, concave, spino, 3 erlik (never see erlik)


Jeesh, what planet are you guys playing on, and would you like a new roommate? I cook, clean and keep to myself! :wink:


I’m under water