Epic and Rare special creatures not fair

I sound like a little whiner I know… but I missed on all 9 epics, now all 18 rare creatures that were out all of a sudden today. It’s not April fools when some players can get it, while others follow rules and stay home on lockdown. 11 supply drops in range (appreciate the range increase Ludia, sincerely thank you), and not ONE is a special creature. Cool idea, love the idea. Very poor execution


Yeah, great idea, but typical poor Ludia execution of it. I got to do one thing in the entire event.

Don’t get me wrong. It was all a great idea. Ludia just did not pull it off unfortunately. And even the best strategies are ALL about execution.

Managed to dart 2 T-Rexes from my house, range was not good, but I’ll take it.
Was so happy to see the epic events, but it was shortlived when I saw the timer, 5+ hrs for 9 attempts lol.

Epics are out again

Yeah, they are out again and my 9 tries reset so yaaaay! Also they seem way more common than before, the green drops that is.

Would have been nice if they let us know that would happen. I would have stayed up to go out for them. As it is I got nothing. Oh well, it’s Ludia and I have come to expect ‘nothing.’