Epic Battle Incubator probabilities

Okay. Idk about all of you, but these percentages don’t seem accurate at all for my particular game. I would say it’s a 50% chance one of the epics I receive is always Alanqa or Scutusaurus 30% chance of Megaloceros and Carbonemys.

I have never once drawn Grypolyth or Erliko. Raja and Anky maybe once ever.

I’m actually perplexed it’s supposed to be evenly spread until I checked.


Its all about RNG

I guess it’s a higher chance to pull out an incubator execlusive, i quite often actauly get secondato, erlik… never realy grypo. Also erlikosaur not erlidominus

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Has been getting bary and maia quite a bit, but yea seldom get the Croc if any. Tho it could just be my memory failing me lol.