Epic battle tower not working

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It just disappeared…

Mine too I reloaded and its no longer their

Yeah, mine straight up disappeared on me, too.

I’m not even seeing any of them anywhere lol

Same here, damn you ludia!!! :frowning:

Yes, they have disappeared already.



I’m saving this.

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It’s, unfortunately, very useful…

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Thanks for reporting this, DPG members.

:eyes: into it! I’ll update everyone once I have more info.


And tournament’s ranking it’s not working btw…


The epic towers are back, but the name is still messed up. anyone able to battle them?

I am currently doing it. So they’re back online

Hey Qiew, you should be able to participate in the event now. Our team is still looking into the name. :sweat_smile:


It’s back and I was able to play

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@Grooveman, our team is investigating this as well. Thanks for letting us know!

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Working now

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Interesting to see utahraptor in there…

When I went into the Epic Tower it sent me to the campaign. See here: https://youtu.be/jL-H5yk3yCY

Now, it’s showing that I “lost”. What should I do?