Epic better than Legendary (Why?)


What is the logic in this game? Some epics are stronger than their legendary version, legendary require more DNA, and more dna should mean stronger! Don’t talk about Apex, Alpha etc…


Could be that they are weaker initially but have more potential for growth.


It annoys me so much that a stegoceratops has more health than a monostegotops of the same level :expressionless:


It actually happens due to way the system works. Each rarity tier is given a base amount of “points” to put into stats. A legendary will have more points. However, we all know it’s the abilities that decide most of a creatures usefulness not it’s pure stats. If the moveset is much worse than one of the dinosaurs it was created from then it won’t actually matter that it has higher base stats. It will still be a worse creature.


Well you’re only as healthy as you feel!

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Monostegotops has higher speed.


Yes but it has less of a chance of stunning two of the same level head to head 9/10 times stegoceratops wins. More health and more chance of getting a double shot due to stun.


My stegoceratops has a 6 speed transmission that is faaaaast!

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But monostegotops is for nullifying not stunning like stegoceratops.


So why’s it got a stunning move if it’s not ‘for’ stunning?


It only has one stunning move compared to stegoceratops 3!

Stegoceratops big move is slowing its opponents than stun them to death! But it’s useless against indominus!
Mono can take indominus down with its nullified moves


Seriously they are for completely different roles. That doesn’t mean mono has to not have any stun options.


If it wasn’t meant to stun anything it wouldn’t have any stunning moves :joy:


Right ok I’m not even going down this route with you before I’m accused of questioning your entire life again.


You really do have an issue don’t you?


Cmon no arguing it’s my birthday let’s all play nice


I’m just saying when a legendary and it’s epic ‘ingredient’ are battling same level it doesn’t make sense to me that the epic should win more often than not.


Lets just be happy hes useful vs the indom twins :joy:


And monos 20% crit can be clutch…i say that cause i had one triple crit me :joy:


The indom twins :joy: I love when you see their indom/indo and you’ve chosen something with nullifying you can feel their face falling through the screen :joy: