Epic Blue's Stats and Move-set in Jurassic World Alive


This is Blue’s move-set and stats in the game! I made a video explaining it all in more detail. The one important thing I will note here is that those stats are base numbers that are used to calculate what his actual totals are. His HP is a different total every level, but 3000 is the driving force that determines how much it goes up or down. It is sort of like Pokemon stats in that regard, if you are familiar.


Why would she have armor & shield? Why not counter attack ability?


This is cool and all but…H I S? I think that might be a typo.


Haha, good call, jws51203! My bad. I could edit it but then it will take off the whole thread for review since I am new.


WRONG hahahahahahahahaa


Time will tell. I wouldn’t have posted this if I wasn’t pretty confident in it though.


how get this epic blue ?


I believe 131 speed is too much. It should be similar like other raptors; at least below 130. Maybe even 125 since it has shield. Pounce already counters therapods hard; shield is countered by therapods since they can destroy shields. Especially since it also has armor. You want to counter with a therapod but can’t due to pounce. This thing destroys anything rip!

Dinos with remove positive effect are also pretty mediocre raptor hunters so its pretty meh.
Last option is slowing strikes but loads of those dinosaurs dont have ‘remove shield’ abillities so pounce can still do loads of dmg while they can’t due to reduced dmg.

Your best (and pretty much only) shot is probably stun lol. Best counter unless it misses; still gg.

Blue would be a hell of a dinosaur to counter; even their counters have obvious weak spots vs this guy. I wouldn’t believe hes epic; more likely legendary combined with a shield dinosaur or smth.