Epic bonanza


Had a short drive this morning (about 3 km) and couldnt believe the luck I had. I encountered SIX epics in that time. Lately I’ve been lucky to see one or two in a day. Ouranosaurus, Stegocerarops, T-rex, Gryposuchus, Amargocephalus, and another T-rex. Not to mention several rares.

Pretty sure this was just pure luck, but I want to know if anyone else has noticed a spawn increase of rares/epics?


Nah it’s not luck, there’s an abundance of epics out there if you are hunting in the right spot. If I played passenger Id get a handful of epics too lol


Where i live (Nottingham) id say decrease recently ive not seen many epics. Probaly 3 or 4 this week


Do you mean recently theres been more? I take that same route every day and probably see 1 epic for every 3 or 4 trips. Today was just nuts haha. I live in a small town so I dont see tons of epics. From one spot this moring I could rotate and see 4 epics on screen.


Here the same. Lots of rare’s too. I live in the Netherlands. I had a triceratops twice this morning at my frontdoor.


I’ve been on vacation for the past two days on the east coast. It’s a small town in my area with the nearest strike event being next to a literal field of cows. Won’t be able to utilize any of the park events for the next following week, fingers crossed it’s just like this weeks showcase lol. I’m not in a populated area but managed to snag two epics just walking towards the mail. Luck may have a bit of a factor, but I just think it’s right timing. Creating this theory from observation, when there is a epic spawn, there are a couple more in the vacinity that need to be caught around the area. You just got to be quick. When there is one, there is more. :grin:

My last passenger ride, I snagged 4 trex, 1 pyro, 1 erliko, and a ouranosaurus.


I had loads on Thursday. T-Rex, Concavenator, Stegoceratops, Rajasaurus, Erlikosaurus, and Secodontosaurus. Bonkers. Most ever in one day.


Most epics I have found in one day… 18
It is all about the right spot at the right time.