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Epic daily creatures are close to nonexistent

For some time now I have felt that the epic daily creatures spawn way too rarely. I was told they spawn less frequently at night, but at daytime as well. Spawning them less at night is by the way a really bad idea, and I feel the in-game nights are way longer than the days. I live in Norway If that makes any matter to that.
Anyways for example on Monday I saw ONE Smilodon. And I don’t always even see them. Same with Maiasaura and other daily epics. The rare and common creatures spawn a lot on the other hand.

And also to switch this to the weekly creatures this week so far I saw one Maiasaura. Last week I darted like 70 000 Phorusrhacos :joy: That tells me something is wrong with the epic spawning mechanisms. Of course they are supposed to be less frequent than common and rare, but it’s a hopelessly low frequency. This should be changed.