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Epic Day


Usually i got 3 to 4 spawns a week since I started playing (1.5 months ago) but I don’t know what happened yesterday with epic spawns I got a T-Rex, Ouraunosaurus, Barionyx on my way to work then an epic koolasuchus from a 5 min. scent then in my way back home I got Anky, Gryposuchus and Barionyx and even missed one, I was very surprised and happy.
First thing in the morning I got a Gryposuchus spawn and got excited thinking something good was changed but when I was about to dart Grypho the game froze !! after restart everyting was back to normal…
No more Epics spawns…

Did you experience the same yesterday or just got lucky?

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Please stop


I haven’t seen an Epic for weeks and today, in the space of four hours, I found 3! Tyrannosaurus, Gryposuchus and Nodopotasaurus. Very pleased, especially for the elusive T Rex!

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Can’t stop darting you… I need your dna to create Tryostonix, however I will stop misswriting your name :rofl:


L U C K Y (10 char)


I found 2 t-rex today. I should go buy a lottery ticket now, too.


I too have seen a tremendous increase. Reminds me of the good ol days when it was actually exciting to go out and see what you’d get! Maybe the moral of the story is to just forget about darting during tournaments, since clearly the supply is being artificially limited during that time. :man_shrugging:


When it rains, it pours!


found 5 grypo… and 2nd day in a row that i have found anky

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Yesterday found a Kentro, T-Rex and Baryonxy.

This morning when I woke up, spotted a Gryposuchus and Spinotaraptor on the map when I opened the app.

Maybe Ludia has finally listened to us? We can only hope…

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Just Postimetrodon, Baryonyx and Concavenator for me :sleepy:


good for you!

this spawn rate is about the same as 4 months ago…2-3 trex, 1 sino, 1 ourano a day

since ludia introduced SCENTS, epic spawn almost cut by half!!!

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Best I’ve been seeing is spino G2 :frowning: get all exited the split second I see the golden aura, then to be miserably dissappointed seeing it is yet another spino g2…


Am I the only one whose map is still empty looking at epics?


nope same here, driving from work yesterday taking a really long route to collect some chests, not seen a single epic. Until last night one finally spawns, as I said before it’s the oh so usefull spino g2


From time to time there is what I call “an epic day” and it usually coincides with Monday. This Monday, the 7th, he was one of them. Yesterday it was again a normal day (1 or 2 epics after many hours of game) with the exception that additionally two Gryposuchus appeared due to the “special event” that is this week.

I have commented many times in this forum and the answer is always that “it is a matter of luck”, but I find it hard to believe and more so now that I know it does not just happen to me.

Anyway, I hope there are many days like that!


I was just being silly :yum:
Spell it however you want!


Good to know… Thank you.


English is not my first language, I’m sorry :slight_smile: I must tell you that you were the only epic that I darted yesterday, Are you following me? :rofl:

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