Epic Dino craziness!


Ever since I reached Mt.Sibo a month ago, I’ve seen players with epics on their teams, back then I had no epics yet, so I lost a lot of battles. I found it unfair.


The number of trophies reflects in large part the quality of the team a player has. There’s a trophy level where players start having epics, an other one where they start having legendaries… Since it’s getting harder and harder to enhance your team, it’s normal you’ll have moments when you’ll get stucked at one level. I am myself stucked at around 3000 - 3200 trophies. When I reach 3200 trophies, I start facing players with legendaries, and I start losing until I’ve lost enough trophies so to make my battles easy again.

But keep on: once you start having epic creatures, your collection of epics will grow fast, since you’re slowly cumulating DNA from multiple epics at the same time. You should already have many epics you’re about to be able to add to your collection!


I find high level dinos a big problem


A lot of it also has to do with higher ranked players choosing to lose trophies and “drop down” into lower arenas to get a chance at the featured DNA. Sadly, there is nothing in place at present to force these players to use level-appropriate dinos.

This is one of the reasons why people complain so much about the battles being too one-sided in favor of the opponent. It’s unbalanced without a way to make sure battles are challenging, yet fair.


Maybe what I say is not true at highest levels… But from 0 to 3200 (what I know!), there seems to be overall a clear relation between your number of trophies and the quality of your team.


I don’t know if being matched with such “droppers” is common, but it happened very rarely to me. Maybe twice in over 1000 matches played…


It happens, and there’s nothing wrong with dropping, but there are some out there who don’t take into consideration the players in the lower arenas. It used to happen a lot more often, back when I started in july. I used to run up against players who already had epic rex in the second arena. I barely had anything. LOL


But right now, it’s sheer chaos in the arenas, what with all the tournament shenanigans and goings-on… I just fought 10 battles and lost 9 of them, getting booted down from Lockdown - just for an incub. Before the tournament, I would probably win more than 1 in 10.


As it is now, until the tournament ends, you’re more likely to get hit by a spoofer who hasn’t gotten banned yet. From what I’ve been reading here in the forums and seeing in-game, these guys are doing their utmost to trash the event by causing as much havoc as possible before Ludia brings down the ban hammer. (Apparently, this will start in less than 24 hours)