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Epic dino spawned from Epic scent capsule turned into a Rare dino


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Bug Description: When using Epic scent capsule, the first epic dino spawned turned into a rare dino if I click on (and then click back out) a non-scent spawned dino next to it

Area is was found in: Zone 4.

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Use an epic scent capsule and activate it
Step 2 - After the first epic dino spawned (it was a Koolasuchus), clicked on a different dino and click back out without darting
Step 3 - Voila! Koolasuchus turned into a Giraffatitan!

How often does it happen: Once and good gawd I hope it stays that way !!!

What type of device are you using: iPhone 7+

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here). The Koolasuchus spawned right at 20:00, when I clicked out of the non-scent capsule spawn dino (Iguanodon) it was at 19:38. Therefore, no way the Koolasuchus despawned. Also, the Giraffatitan that showed up was right at the same spot as the Koolasuchus.


Well…at least giraffatitan is fusable. Win-win.

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:joy: if it was anything but koola, I’d be upset.
Haha, I’d consider this an upgrade.

But seeing how it could’ve easily been a more valuable dino… this is kindof an important glitch to fix :grimacing:

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The Giraffatitan was definitely an upgrade from Koolasuchus, but now I have become more paranoid about the epic scent capsules!


I had this happen to me when 2 epics spawned at the same time (moving give you 2).
Darted one, other changed to a common.

Sent in a ticket, and got told it was because of migrations…
Like really, a dino that spawns because of scent decides the smell of the scent was not good enough anymore?
Also, another dino takes it place in the bad smell? :joy:

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Wow, that was their excuse to you? That’s just insulting :rofl:


It. Happened. Again!!!

Used the epic scent capsule in zone 4, out sprung a Koolasuchus. Feeling disappointed, I spun the supply drop next to it and as soon as I clicked out back to the map, Koolasuchus turned into a Monolophosaurus Gen 2. What??

Next time this happens I’m going to see if I can keep clicking and force the dino to change each time. Maybe this is a good way to swap spawns until you find one you like.

Jokes aside, this is a very annoying bug!