Epic Dinos around my neighborhood are gone, now there is a rare hybrid army


no worry, I don’t complain anything just wanna confirm my thought.

before this week showcase, I can find 2-3 Tyrannosaurus or other epic dino around 4-5 dinos per day but after this Monday, I noticed that I rarely find an epic one (only 1 Baryonix at night till now) but there are a lot of rare hybrid that I’ve barely seen them spawn. (Suchotator, Majungasuchus, Einiasuchus and for some Epci hybrid Stegoceratop - Spinotaraptor)

So, this is my thought,do ludia rotate area zone in some certain time or something?

and also, Supply Drop point and Dino in one area of my neighborhood are gone, Totally gone. Is this bug or they’re planing for something next update?


I feel this,too. Last week, I can find many epic dinos per day, but this week it is really hard to find one epic


Last week, I didn’t even encounter one epic while taking the same routes I’ve always been taking. Before the update, I would encouter 5-6 epics per day.
This morning, one encounter with an epic, a rajasaurus. Hopefully it will pick this week.