Epic dinos needs to be seen more often than 1 every couple months


I found one yesterday along with a variety of other epics. But normally I’m lucky to find one a week, if that. Today has been pretty dead for me with epics. Not even a T-rex yet. Just an Anky and Seco. It’s a boring day for hunting.

I feel you…My White Whale is Spino Gen 2…Seen it twice in the past three months…Both times it sailed past whilst I was on the bus. XD

And since the last migration/update, the Epic T. Rexes have been increasingly reduced, too…!

That’s odd; I’m ONLY seeing Trex’s now, but nothing else!


Ah! That’s where they’ve all gone; checking out your area! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I haven’t seen it in the wild since pre 1.3. I think it’s time to give up the search.

You didn’t happen to take all the Ankys, did you? :wink:

I saw 2 trex, a kentro, and ourono today. All in my commute to work. Which is 15 minutes total. They are out there. You just have to look.

I definitely see more Trex than all other epic combined. It’s fine as I need Rexy but a slight increase in spawns would be great.


Only the Gen 2s here, I’m afraid!

Of course, but some areas are clearly more blessed than others. My commute is about the same…Only epic I’ve seen this week on that commute is Ouranosaurus.

Its not missing… @TyrannosaurusLex is hogging them all, with all her spawns outside her door of them :grin:


I definitely don’t see 3 in one day on the norm. It depends on the week honestly. I have actually seen more than normal, but maybe I’m just looking more? :woman_shrugging:

Epic tends to spawn in streaks… one week shortly after 1.4 hit i caught a bary every night 4 nights in a row… ive seen one since then my hunting hasnt change…

not all locals are created equal… i work and liven in too different l1s… while I catch sinos and kentras pretty regularly at work… i have never seen them spawn at home and i hunt and play way more at home.

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seems developers have hold the spawn…i drove 3 hours today…only a few rare…

most i saw on the streets are lizards, tarbo, and birds…

I’ve started noticing that around my town T Rex appearances have increased and I had a day last week with three nodopatasaurus appearing three times in ten minutes. But Epics do need to pop up a little more often in general.


Ludia is making epic not pop up as much so that people spend more money. Because all Ludia cares about is money not the players because if Ludia care about the player then they would have made the game a true free to play game not a win to play game.

I feel like I’ve been seeing a lot more recently. Especially TRex. Sure, there are days when I don’t see any, but then there are days when I’ll see multiple. This morning I woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb acr— holy crap! There’s a TRex out there. Quickly got dressed and ran out to catch her. Two hours later I was heading out and came across a kentro. Got home later and there was a sinocratops where that TRex was. Unfortunately I was home alone with my daughter so I couldn’t go grab it. That’s just one lucky day in the life, but I’ve seen lots of others posting images or tales of all the epics they’ve been seeing to. Seeing them is like getting a critical on a 5% chance. Sometimes it happens, but most likely it won’t. Consider yourself lucky when they do, not unlucky when they don’t.

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Just started about 2 months ago.
Took me a few days to figure out migrations for my area.
With that in mind. I started writing down times and locations.
I know have 9 locals to my house for set epic spawns. Tested multiple times.
But also saw a rotation.
Every three captures. They hold a week.
Then return to appearing every 12-24 hours.
Pulled concavenator. Majunga. Ouranos. Both T-Rex. MonolophosG1. DimetrodonG1. Secodonto. Brachs.
All within my area.
Last two weeks I’ve noticed a real kick in carno activity. But it’s been random patterns.

Anyone having glitches where they see and epic but it can’t be selected yet they’re right on top of it? Or would that be a q for another thread?

I go all around Los Angeles and I’ve recently only encountered 2 Spinos, Lots of Rexes(close or at a distance), Ptera a couple of times, and thats just absurd. We need a variety to spawn everyday.