Epic dinos or dinos in parks


I live near a park but not close enough to fly the drone to it, so i tap on the dino to see what it is. And i get the move closer message, but it always maxes out my attempts thought Ive never attempted to dart the dino. Can this be fixes, I’ve lost out on many dinos because of this.


Yeah me too, I attempted 2 times and it said I used 6 attempts. ??? What, it’s a joke


Read the latest Event Changes Announcement, please. It might clear things up.


Hey MissSouthie, thanks for writing in! The number of attempts is applied to the event as a whole, and not just one dinosaur anymore. So you might have used up all of your previous attempts on another dinosaur that was featured on the same day as the one you’re looking at.

There’s more information on the new Special Events on our FAQ here:

If you’re still having issues, reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com, with your support key included in the email.