Epic dinos

I realise when playing with friend, some epic appear in my map but not in my friend and vise versa…is this how ludia give personal epic?sometime the epic spawn in your radar and when you get near it, it dissapear…glitch mybe?.so my theory is ludia spawn 2 type of epic, one is random and the other dedicated for you…anybody else experincing this?

I’ve seen posts about this before, stock response is that it should be the same so they usually recommend closing/restarting the game.

Do you have the link to the topic?mind sharing?

I’ve try restarting. The epic just don’t show up again…but still to my friend the epic was there

I believe this is loading issue from server, i was holding 2 phones with my wife account and darted an epic, immediately another epic spawn right the same spot.
Not moving at all, my account just didn’t spawn out even i refresh or reload.
I think the Epic using CLOAK move.