Epic dinosaur


I saw this pop up and unfortunately I wasn’t able to try to get it.


Yeah im trying to get this one too, its hard to find the rare crockadile for fusing this hybrid. I think this one might actually be pretty good if its on the lvl, but not sure. Anyone with more exp on this dino has some input?


Gorgosuchus is one of my favorite hybrids by far. Great set of moves and if used right can be quite deadly. Ferocious strike, increasing damage 50% for 3x turns, followed by rampage 2x with 20% critical hit. Taken out einos with one hit before.


How did you get that dinosaur level so high


Omg that makes me want it all the more!


I see on an average 4-6 gorgosaurus & kaprosuchus daily. They are getting to be demitrodons to me now, thank you migration. Just saving up those points for its next evolution, the megalosuchus… even though it’s so tempting to level that gorgosuchus up. My megalosaurus is nearly lvl 15. I’m hoping to spot a few megalos today on my hunt :grin:


Seems easy :Laule


Wait, the Megalosaurus is fusion material?


Lucky you. I have only seen it once.


Yes!! :blush: It’s a beaut


Augh, to think I’ve been passing them up!


The megalosuchus is a beast! It’s not as fast as the gorgosuchus but if you can pop up the shield early then it can tank really well, and when you pair up furious strike with it’s counter attack it hits like a truck!


I’m really struggling to find Kaprosuchus in the wild after the migration. I keep checking the zone 1 areas where I live but there’s a noticeable reduction
in their spawn rates. Where have you been finding yours?


:scream:Mother of god! That thing’s insane!


At least you got the zones figured out. I have no clue what zone(s) I have, lol.


Not to mention it’s passive counter attack as a bonus, it is a beast. My location is in California, and I’ve been finding kaprosuchus mostly throughout my local neighborhood day / night. I’d sometimes spot them nearby schools or parks.


What part of the world and what country are people seeing gorgosuchus at?


Gorgosaurus is pretty common where I live, but I’ve only ever seen three Kaprosuchus in my whole life. Two of them were at the entrance of a hospital, if it’s any help, but I’ve almost given up with trying to create Gorgosuchus. Such a shame!


Okay. ty. It looks like this might be right after all.


In my experience, it’s pretty accurate though there are some exceptions. I’ve seen two sinoceratops on a gas station, for instance, but I’ve also seen ophiacodon in an all-tarbosaurus area. Even if there are exceptions to the rules, the rules are certainly useful to see spawning patterns :slight_smile:

With the latest migrations and new spawns, though, no idea how much they have changed.