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Epic disappeared too early


Bug Description:

Today, I woke up JWA (from being minimized) and saw a Baryonyx had spawned right at my house. However, because of connection issues (:roll_eyes:), I needed to restart the app and after doing so, the Baryonyx was gone. I’m pretty sure that this wasn’t due to the usual 1 hour timer, as I had checked the app about 30 minutes before (where there was no Baryonyx). Am I experiencing a bug or is this behaviour intentional? Note that no scent was activated!

How do you reproduce the bug:
For now it’s just a one-time incident. However, I think a have had the same issue earlier, also with non-epics.

How often does it happen:
Every once in a while, I guess

What type of device are you using:
Honor 8


I have experienced that there is something called proximity spawn where a dino appears only when it comes within 20-30m of your range and it only gets triggered if you are in a certain location (triggering points).
When such dinos appear, if your GPS moves a bit, they disappear. Only way to get the dino back is to move around that spawn location hoping to trigger it again.


This makes perfect sense to me. In fact, as soon as the dino was gone, I did suspect something like a proximity trigger and moved around for a few minutes, but unfortunately couldn’t convince it to appear again…

Are there any more details about this mechanism? Is there a way to distinguish a proximity spawn from a “usual” one?


The proximity spawn obviously triggers only when you r near or cross the point. If you are in a group, the dino might appear for one but not for other based on your position and GPS position generated by phone.
Usual spawn would ideally appear to everyone from distance.

I am not sure if proximity spawns have same stay duration like normal spawns. I mean like 45 mins - 1hr.
Thought they were made to have people walk around and discover them as surprises. :slight_smile: