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Epic (disappoint)scent


I popped an epic scent an the only “epic” one was Koolasuchus :roll_eyes: :unamused:


I take your koola and raise you a concav


Trade ya for the epic bird, got 5 stegos at the park though


At least it can counter :raised_hands:


Rare Scents are usually better for me… You get many rare dinos… Meanwhile the last couple of Epic Scents gave me ONE useless Epic each and less Rare DNA than a Rare Scent


Stegosaurid Scent yesterday gave me only 1 rare and 0 epic, rare was right when I activated it. It was Wuerhosaurus. others I got were 11 Stegosaurus and 7 Miragaia.

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That’s all they’re guaranteed to give, 1 epic spawn.


Try non stop secodontosaurus that is intense! Most useless epic in the game!

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That’s an anticlimax. :sweat_smile: Wuerhosaurus is pretty useless as it pretty much got the same attacks as Kentrosaurus, which is way faster and you need it for a hybrid anyways. Helps a bit leveling up to get all to lvl 11 at least