Epic distribution

I havent seen any ouranosauruses, trexes or erlikosauruses since 1.5
Just baryonyx and brachiosaurus spawns all over the place … :unamused::smirk: and ive played lately 3-4 hours a day :roll_eyes:
Anyone same experience?

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Can confirm same experience here in Northern California

I’ve seen like 1 Ouranosaurus a few days ago. It spawned in a private area so I couldn’t dart it but it spawned… Trex and Erlikosaurus are MIA right now, I even live close to restaurants so idk why a Trex didn’t pop up yet…

I’ve seen 5 ouranos since launch
And maybe 8 erliks.

I do agree with that there’s been more Barry’s lately (not that I’m complaining)

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Im not complaining eather on barys, i just miss the ouranos and some other epics too :confused:

I haven’t seen any barys, only a couple of epics. Lucked out on a sino and ourno the other day. That’s pretty epic for me. Spawns around me pre 1.5 and after are awful for epics. But now all spawns are bad.

I’m pretty much seeing at least one Bary a day. Before 1.5…maybe once a month. I’m finding rexes as normal (for me), but the rest of the epics (outside of the useless ones) have been MIA.

Not seen a trex since the update :man_shrugging:t2: