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Epic dna donation


Maybe one time per week or just the weekends with a limited donation would be nice

Introducing Epic donations
Epic DNA Donation?
Alliance DNA donations for Epics and Rares


Even with it being one time a week, it would still be abused. Since a certain alliance who lives in the glorious land of L5 would make the most of it. As much as I would love just a bit more Sinoceratops to finally make my Allosino…



Not like it makes a difference, when they can jump to location anyway…


I have thought this through…imagine a group of people that could coordinate, so that when a good epic spawns, that they would immediately be at that location, and each had 50 alts to do the same.

Then within their alliance, transfer all that epic dna to their character. You could have a full team of top metas (level 30 of course) in about a month.

Of course this could be done with all the rare and normal Dinos atm and just have to wait for events to fill in the gold Dinos.

This is all speculation of course.

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Why inmidiatly thinking in spoofers? Stop people doing this on every game suggestions. This probably feature we must thinking as game improvement and support that and many of other ideas that can improve this game!!!


We do need Epic trades. Ignore spoofers. Don’t let them spoil it for the rest of us.


that will be awesome!


Spoofers are a problem even if Ludia doesn’t seem to want to do anything about it. That’s why we keep bringing it up. Ignoring the issue and suggesting epic trades is just going to make things worse.

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Stop it with the spoofers.
Spoofers gonna spoof, and we cant change that.
Just enjoy the game and know that you aren’t a spoofer. We could use epic trading.


I would gladly take gryposuchas dna through trading.
Last week got me 180/250 for grypolyth.


To those arguing against this, coding for this WAS found in the game in the 1.5 datamine, so like it or not, it was at least a planned feature at one point. I’m all for this. There’s plenty of epics I rarely see, and something like this would help me get some of the more competitive hybrids.


I offer my wife an epic dna donation everyday but she says the same as above………



Yep, i have too much useless Epic DNA and Donated for my clan, i’m feeling better, of course per donate +1500 coins haha xd


and do you realice that you also could be benefied of that if they implement that system?


I have considered it. But I have also considered the negative reality that exists about this game. I would rather forego that benefit for myself rather than allow the cheaters to benefit further.


The player base shouldn’t have to suffer because a small demographic of players decide to cheat when this option can potentially benefit the majority.


then ludia shouldn’t make any change in the game and events or something like that because a group of spoofers

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Ludia has done a LOT to make things easier on people. I dont want anymore deluding of the accomplishment. Its suppose to take a while to get things, thats the game


may you an join with my alliance, ( Dino Lab )
my work moving around (cycling) and allow collect dna to share,
and mm. i like this game cos my kid love the dino AR , so just collect dino,


How about instead of just donating commons, how about having the ability to donate Epic DNA among alliances? I think this would be a great idea because with the scarcity of these dinos, it gets quite vexing that once in a millennium a rare that is useful is out in the wild.

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