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Epic DNA Request

If we can place epics in sanctuary, why can’t we request epics as well? If we are to compare the accessibility of rare and epics, rares are more than 5x easier to acquire than epics, meaning that simply by requesting rare DNA would be more than enough if you’re trying to make a hybrid that consists of rare and epic. Sanctuaries are great, but they don’t give out enough DNA, it’s usually taking months to build a unique from scratch even if you’re at a higher level. By the time you’ve created it the meta has probably changed already. So it would help a lot if we can now request epic DNA.
If we can request epic DNA, we should be able to request 200 DNA or if Ludia thinks that’s too much then 100 would still make sense.


It’s a wish that may never come through

Allow me to play “devil’s advocate”…

While I agree with what you’re saying, my gripe comes from those who always have an empty hand out while never donating themselves.

It’s one thing to “just not have it”. Another to just ask and never give.

I’d personally be a little… not happy, if this were to happen with epic dna.

Then again, the choice would be mine to make if there was an option.

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Epic DNA requests will never be a thing. People would just create alt accounts to double their epic DNA.


I’ve campaigned for a long time saying we should have Epic trading/donations. It still feels like being held hostage to cheaters.


Exactly what @Colin_Goodman said. Why should we be punished because of cheaters? Maybe if it’s that bad, make it so you can only request epic dna on a weekend, or you need to pay 50 hard cash to request it?


Cheaters? In fact, alting isn’t cheating. Even I created an alt account to have fun at lower arenas when I’m bored by Library.
But to the point, epic DNA is the one that should be the hardest to obtain. Allowing it to be donated would make the progress way too fast. You want help from your teammates? Ask them if they can put the epics you are interested in into sanctuaries. This alone is a huge help


Alts are fine. Whenever I’ve raised this before, concerns are always raised that spoofers will abuse it but never giving an adequate reason how.

Sanctuaries take too long and you don’t get enough Epic DNA back. That’s the problem.

Spoofers and alt accounts can abuse it by funneling epic DNA into their primary or not marked as a spoofer accounts. I could have 2 alts, do the same weekend darting of epic then request that DNA and donate it to myself. No matter how you dress it up it is far too abusable

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Alliances would just be swarmed with epic DNA requests always all the time I think. Since the request amount would be very low, they would just spam that request and never request rares or common. Basically, epic would become the common request, common would become rarest. I need people requesting common to get that coin you know? I would rather epic be hard to obtain. Trading though…if it was fair…maybe that would not be so bad (but it would probably be bad). It would have to be rarity for rarity though and severely limited.

Not if it was handled correctly like @JurassicWolf says, such as restricting it to weekends.

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