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Epic donation bug.🤔

About 30 minutes ago I had this come up, it’s a day early for me with the game (I’m in Australia) but this shouldn’t come up for another 24 hours, is it a bug?, now I can’t do a normal dna request because it’s locked on the epic request for another 24 hours, is anyone else having this problem on their game or is it just me?


I tried doing it but all I got was this.:thinking:

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Same issue here :frowning:
It says “WHOOPS!”.
Well idk what should I do now :thinking:.

I think it is a technical glitch with this new feature … it is the first time ludia have done it

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no its sunday here same as the raids a day early BUT it doesnt work just comes up with whoops epic dna no bueno

and the worse part is you cant request any other dna so again we aussies are screwed :stuck_out_tongue: well the kiwis too but lets be honest… :stuck_out_tongue:




Having the same issue, but I’m not willing to try and request something else in case it works and I lose my epic donation request :sob:

it’s really wasting our time on this game!


but what about the push the useless button a thousand times for no result achievement…i really want that one


I just wanted Stygi, wasn’t like I was even requesting anything special :sob:

Yep same here…doesn’t work lol

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yeah i made a mistake you cna request blues commons didnt scroll down enough :stuck_out_tongue:



Do you lose the chance to request epic?

Everyone can forget about trading epic DNA today … There is a glitch with it and all you get is a pop up message **Whoops epic DNA cannot be traded at this time ** gee thanks LUDIA yet another good idea gone bust and broken ( Not Happy, not happy at all ! ) for not keeping your word by promising something and not delivering on your promise … typical not getting what we were promised :thinking: :flushed: :thinking:

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Just gone midnight here in the UK. Opening up the app there is a little bubble that says request Epic DNA but when you go into the select screen there are no Epics to choose from.

Someone in my alliance was able to get it working… not sure how

I’ll bet the epic requests won’t officially activate until 12am EST (Ludia time for their server)…