Epic epic scent capsule!

Won an epic scent capsule in yesterday’s strike event, so decided to pop it today in an L1 zone… Got a Concavenator and was thinking, what did you expect? Then T-Rex showed up, followed by two Sinoceratops, with a Megalosaurus and a Nodosaurus in between! Tempted to purchase another, but kind of sceptical owing to last week’s traumatizing experience…


I’m in zone 1 and it’s nice that sino shows, it is hit or miss for sure though. I have also had bary make an appearance a few times :blush: you did good!

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Got one epic scent few days ago on strikw event, i am on a L4 zone
3 ankylossaurus😍
1 rexy
2x Spinossaurus and a lot of commons


Decide to Use one epic scent today (got 2 on strike tower) but not effectively. Wasn’t able to walk to get 2 dinos every 2 min. I only get one epic and it was drum roll a koolasuchus … got one or two rare between but that was it. Pretty sad.

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I learned that in the evening at a park will get birds and nothing good at all. Thankfully it was the free one :sweat_smile:

I used an Epic scent yesterday and scored 3 Pyroraptor and an Ouranosaurus. Not necessarily spectacular results, but that’s all it took for me to unlock Pyrritator. :woman_shrugging: So no complaints here!

That’s interesting…I wouldn’t mind some more Pteranodon DNA myself. I’ll have to keep that in mind for next time.

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Was that your very first epic scent? If yes don’t have high hopes of anything great if you purchase!

Popped 2 last week, one spawned a Kentrosaurus, which got stuck in strike tower as I was driving by. Second gave me a Concavenator. So definitely not buying…

6 koola between 2 scents

Not worth the risk any more

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Not Kool :laughing:

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Haha… It suched :joy:

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