Epic giga scent

I think epic giga scent would be amazing. Sell it in market the same price as epic scent.


Now that would be worth the price.


Nah, it won’t benefit Ludia’s pockets and it will cause iNbAlANcE!!!


I’d certainly be up for it but only for the duration of the current global situation. But it would have to be limited to one a day or something.


The regular giga scent already seems to have a pretty decent chance to spawn epics. So an epic version probably wouldn’t happen.

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I find that I have to wait till the 90 minute mark before Epics start to spawn as if trying to get you keep playing. But they do turn up which is good.

Today, I used a giga scent and the first thing I got was an epic. I also just found out that my town is all area 2 but the bordering one is all area 3. They should make a section of every town a different area instead of just one.

Does it guarantee only 1 epic for 3 hours?

I think rare and epic scents should guarantee more than 1. It’s pretty petty there’s only 1 guarantee in something titled epic/rare scent.

Other themed scents give ALL of their themes.

Lucky you! I’ve never gotten an epic from those, and I’ve run a lot!

I’ve gotten rough estimates of 10 brachiosaurus, 15 concavenator, 7 baryonx, 5 erlikosaurus, 7 ankylosaurus, 5 sinoceratops, 3 koolasuchus, and 5 eucladoceros from gigs scents.

I get around 15 epics every week with the giga scent. But i run it every evening watching television. The spawning rate can change a lot, yesterday 8 epics the 3 days before 0.

Wow! I usually get maybe 3 rares per hour if I’m lucky. I must live in a garbage area :joy: