Epic hybrid tournament flow

There is just something odd about the epic hybrid tournament. There are some that got up very high right at the beginning - is that the key? I would consider myself a pretty competitive player and I’ve been up in the top 250 twice now and then dropped all the way below 200 trophies. Is that normal for the tournament? How is your opponent selected? Randomly from all available players or is there a matchmaking algorithm based on trophy count?

I always thought that it was on skill, but now that’s I think twice, I feel like it’s on gambling. Either you get the counters to your opponent or vice versa, it’s all on lucky these days unfortunately.


Obviously if you get Procera as one of the 4 then your chances go up in a battle lol

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It’s mostly just dumb luck, as is the regular arena. I’ve been in your situation a lot. I want to battle more, but I dare not because all it will take is for me to get matched against a Yoshi without my own and there’s a high chance I’m gonna lose.

I do think they choose by trophy count (whenever I begin these matches, my opponents always have bad dino choices and/or move choices, and when I get high up, I no longer see them), but there’s probably a wide range for them.

I play every skill tournament. It’s very easy to tilt hundreds of ranks on a losing streak. Afaik opponent is selected based on similar trophies. Imo it’s only skill up to a certain point and the rest is based mostly on how much you grind and your matchup RNG, assuming your team is solid of course. I do think that it’s easier to get points earlier on when the noobs are playing as opposed to the last few hours when people are duking it out for ranks (if you’re going for 100+).