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Epic incubator or epic scent

Me and my brother , @Mxplayz , had an argument and we want to know which is better?

I personally said epic scent but he said epic incubator.

  • Epic incubator
  • Epic scent

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I prefer scents, but both are not worth putting money into the game.

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Yeah and like the incubator the amount of epic Dna depends on direct hits, level, skill and drone type

Epis Incubators are the BEST

You get even more epic DNA with incubators then sents

Epic scents are the way to go. They are cheaper and you have more control over what you get, and most of the time you get more epic dna from scents


Upside to epic scents: Cheaper, Zone based, good for a walk, Dna amounts, collected from strikes

Downside to epic scents: Creature luck

Upside to epic incubators: Guaranteed lots of epic Dna, can get collected in strikes and pvp

Downside to epic incubators: Expensive, luck based (Ex. Megistotherium instead of kentrosaurus)

Yeah I’d prefere incubator if it’s good I’ll buy it

I think Beaver or Fodder made a video about it and said the scent was better

Hmm, good question. I think my choice would be the Epic scent :smiley:


I voted the incubator because you also get 15k coins.

Either you get a random epic. The scent you 100% get 1 but maybe more. The incubator you’ll get 2 for sure. The incubator you get more dna for the epic opposed to darting especially if you only get 1 from the scent.

However today’s epic incubator wasn’t too thrilling lol

It was beaver

scents are better because you can dart the dinosaurs on average get about 450 epic dna of whatever creature is in your local

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