Epic Incubator Strike Event


I went out of my way to get to this strike event because I need Epic Monolophosaurus DNA and the epic incubator had the epic Mono on it. So I beat the event and get a whole 6 epic Mono DNA. 6!?! The rest of the epic DNA went to the Koolasuchus… This is getting ridiculous. Waste of time and gas. Does this piss anyone else off? Drives me crazy!!


i got 234 - its just luck of the draw


Either I have terrible luck or no luck at all


I got 234 Koolasuchus dna :rofl: I swear that creepy slug dino just loves me, I get it in every other incubator. If it ever gets a Unique, I’ve got more than enough to create and level many times over :joy:

Ludia! Please make a good Unique for Koolasuchus!!!


I agree with you! I don’t think it’s creepy though. Just think that its not a very good epic dino and not worth the coin to upgrade. I’m with ya on making a hybrid for it!


I really don’t like the way it looks, its profile pic reminds me of one those creatures from horror flicks :rofl: That aside, I tried using it for battle once and the result was a bit meh.


@Calebrys … I figured you’d appreciate this thread :joy:


Haha yea I can def see that. Yes, that’s a good way to put it… Meh. It reminds me of a giant Japanese salamander thing that was on the show river monsters.


Haha oh man that sucks, 4 more than what I got.

I think Ludia felt bad, and decided to give me a nice chunk of mono today. Was only half way to creating monomimus, then my first two fuses got a 60/50. Now I’m 10 away from 17 lol. There is a silver lining :joy:


That’s awesome!
I think I got more Mono this week than I have since launch :joy:

Got one from a Free epic scent + 284 from the strike event …

And was lucky enough to catch one in the wild today
(I literally hauled a$$ in the middle of dinner to do the best darting I’ve ever done on an epic

Just broke into level 18 and still getting schooled by level 20+ monomimus :joy::man_shrugging:t4:


If I would have gotten hooked up from this strike event id most likely have the monomimus. I can never get Monolophosaurus DNA and I was really hoping this would have helped… But it didnt


Its toothy sinister “grin” reminds me of the monsters and ghouls from Junji Ito’s manga :joy:


Haha I don’t know what that is


You’ll get that mono up in the 20s in no time. Pretty good on that darting eh. Reminds me of yesterday, I was taking an early morning hike trip with my friends at Yosemite. Carpooling at my friends house, and as I’m heading on my way, I spot a mono around the neighborhood. Haven’t seen any wild in over a month. Let’s just say I arrived at my friends late, and it was worth it :joy:


This is what I got. :disappointed_relieved:


Ouch for those that got single digits. I got 180 which given my Monomimus was on 170/200 gave me a guaranteed create - then got 80, 10, 40 so was able to create and level up :slight_smile: Straight in the team and hopefully it will help break the hideous losing streak I have been on.


Try getting 200+ gypro dna from after the 1st tournament. That’s also as bad as yours.