Epic incubator towers

Dear Lydia,

I write this letter to you because I am mad.
It is another week in a row when I can’t reach any epic tower even though they are close to me,but the fact that we have COVID-19 outside and lockdown in my country makes hunting for these towers inpossible.Week ago I didn’t have any epic strike for dwo days of weekend.I accepted my fate then but today I can’t stand it.
During these harsh times please make these epic incubators more frequent or replace already done strikes with epic ones
Your player


I do agree, its annoying that some of us can’t reach towers cuz of the current world wide pandemic. Wish ludia found a way to fix this, one idea I have is for them to just have the battle stops switch around to a different stop whenever the supply drops “refresh”, I feel like this may bring some problems but its an idea

They used to do that I think, then one day they stopped