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Epic incubators from Strike Tower events


I’m really not happy that I get so much DNA of lower tier epic dinos that I don’t need or want. When will we get some useful DNA that we need to make those tyrant hybrids?

This is exactly why I’m not so happy when Ludia introduces too many new epics as chances of getting DNA of core ones are becoming almost zero! Maybe it’s a time to change the system with those incubators and let people to choose what they want? Or at least give them 3 options? It’s too random now and the more epics is in the game the more difficult it gets.

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That doesn’t make any sense. If people could choose what they want then there would be no point in hunting for dna. They’d just all ask for the epic and legendary dna of the strongest dinosaurs and then boom they have the most elite team in 5 minutes.


I didn’t say I would give people an option to choose whatever they want. I know that some people are more lucky than others so they don’t care or complain about it. I’m only talking about the epic DNA here. Like I said earlier, tons of new epic dinos will make it super hard to get Ourano DNA for example…


Okay I must have been mistaken then when you wrote this part saying to let people choose what they want.

Part of the fun in this game is the hunt.