Epic "master" strike event today

I wonder what creature is in there. Looks to be a one step. Good luck all!

Continuing the discussion from Epic "master" strike event today:
I have clicked the strike tower, it says there are Indoraptor and Alankylosaurus, but their levels are still unknown as I am not close to it.

it says indoraptor strike. so at least lvl 30 indoraptor. possibly something else. too far away to do it right now.

Legendary bird too. That leaked pic was real. I’m gonna need help for this.

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They are both going to be lv30

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Was also part of the metahub data mine a while back

Just Finished it. Lost once, Indoraptor killed all my 3 Dinos with crits. Second attempt, used spinotasuchus to bleed out indoraptor and used 26 Stegod to kill Alanqa.

Edit: Got garbage DNA although free

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Stegodeus and Suchotator made IT :smile:

Finally strike which might be a challenge for me. I really like this.

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I assume it’s gonna open with indoraptor cleansing impact then swap to the bird. Kill the bird with one dinosaur, leave the other two for indoraptor and hope it doesnt use evasive :joy:


Stat pics would be great and I’m too lazy to look elsewhere :grin:

prevent swaps? PLEASE swap. give me a free turn while monomimus nullifies your invincibility :joy:
i’ll probably go monomimus, monostego, indoraptor and stegodeus/gorgosuchus. should do it i think.

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Lol, easy for you to say.

Also, did they really make you change your handle dude?

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What happened on your first go? Did indoraptor switch out at all?

What’s your gorgo level?

gonna be 24 monomimus, 22 monostego, 24 indoraptor and 28 stegodeus/24 gorgosuchus

It didn’t swap for me but used evasive . Killed my spinotasuchus, monomimus with crits. Also killed Stegod with crit after I managed to get it down to 30% health

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If it doesn’t swap, then I may just use a bleeder. Suchotator could awesome if it opens with cleansing and I survive.