Epic "master" strike event today

I was thinking about trying to stun… not sure who else to put in.

Not sure what level your Tany is but that might be one worth using. Looks like you’re focused on the right things. If you survive 8 turns, you need to average 1300 damage per turn to take the two monsters down so hitting real hard on turn one is essential.


I can level if I need to. Bring him in as a closer or middle? I know tany can be a glass cannon.

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I’m thinking trying this this time any thoughts?

I don’t think that my team has what it will take?

I have L16 rajak, allisino and monosteg too

i beat it first try, but kinda got lucky my indoraptor dodged twice at the end. if i did it again, gorgosuchus is a great opener since they swap to the bird. start ferocious strike (gets blocked, but +50% attack) then you have 2 shattering rampages to take care of the bird. then nullify or bleed out indoraptor.

i’d say don’t go with stegodeus though. it can’t do much to the bird and if your’s doesn’t have over 5106 HP it will get one-shotted with a crit from indoraptor :grimacing:

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Had to buy this to get another try but it’s a not bad deal taking into account how much it costs for just 1200 cash

from the metahub article…

" Low Level Players: If you don’t have a prayer, use something that dodges. Ornithomimus, Monomimus, Gallimimus all come to mind."

worth a shot at least :joy:


I put suchotator at level 18 in my team just to play the strike tower and it worked really well :slight_smile:


What else did you go with and what did you open with?

Used suchotator indo came first and it used cleansing so I used the wounding one then I hit nullify and it swapped to alankylo- nullified the shield and I used wounding again. It used short defence killed my sucho then I put in allo and used defence shattering and it broke the shield but the Alan killed my allo but then the dot killed the Alan. So I put in monomimus and used distracting and got a critical killed the indo.



did alanka use swap in invicibility? if so, when??

Thanks - going to give it a go with L18 Suchotator, L19 Monomimus, L17 Monostegotops and L22 Indoraptor - fingers crossed …

I’m glad you got all that, with my atrocious grammar. :joy:

That would be excellent alternative for Cokie :smile:

wish it would have used cleanse first against me. i started monostegotops and slowing impact and it swapped to the bird :roll_eyes:

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Does it Suchotator need to be L 18 was that the perfect (lowest) level to survive???

When it hit me with cleansing I only had 326 health left so… probably.

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I would definitely bring it, you could level up allo too if you wanted(it is good at higher arenas anyway)
Start with sucho for the important bleed.

![Screenshot_20181027-180932_JW%20Alive|281x500](upload://cf2H4yEG79Xq9fActmO be ztgl85QZ.jpeg)
Couldn’t be happier :clown_face: