Epic "master" strike event today

it does 1702 damage x1.5 so as long as your suchotator is above that you are good. 17 might work, but that’s probably the lowest. mine’s 18 too, so i don’t know what a 17’s HP is. … unless it crits

And of course, no dna rewards for either alankylo or indo…

i got 200ish alanqa. then a lot of :poop: and :face_vomiting:


Spino opens vs Indo:
Anticipating SIA, l use lethal wound.
Indo cleanses (oh :poop:!)
Spino survives and uses crit but alanky does SIA (double-:poop:!!)

weak spino vs alanky
Lethal would vs alanky
Alanky bleeds and uses short defense, spino dies
Enter gorgo

gorgo vs alanky
Gorgo ferociously strikes alankys’ half shield
Bleeding Alanky chooses SS then long invincibility
Gorgo kills alanky with Ferocious DSR

weak gorgo vs indo
Indo uses cleansing impact vs gorgo (dies)

stegod vs Indo
Indo uses DSR vs stegod
Thagomizer & APR finish off Indo



Epic fail … opened with L18 Suchotator and was killed instantly when it critted with it’s cleanse attack … also critted it’s second attack … didn’t kill either :sob:


Ouch! I’m sorry, I wasn’t expecting that first cleanse either!

maybe don’t start with a bleeder? seems everyone who started a bleeder got cleanse. i started monostego and it instantly swapped to alanky. or try again (if it lets you) and hope it doesn’t crit :four_leaf_clover:

Indo goes first against suchotator.
Only spinosuchus is faster.
It just surviving that first hit from indo

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I started with a level 24 spino and almost managed to complete it with the spino. Indo swapped immediatly and I bled the bird out, but then indo cleansed at the last minute before it died and killed my spino. Brought in a 24 monomimus to finish it off with a quick strike.

There is enough wild suchomimus around me to level the suchotator.
Could I have advice with which ones to use?
Initial thoughts based on this thread were monomimus, Suchotator, monoceratops, and either indominus or tany.

You guys have any suggestions on how to beat this strike? or if you had, what did you use? for a lvl 10 like me, i usually rely on my bleeders such as my suchotator to finish the job, just need to know what set of moves they’re gonna use or maybe it wont work here idk, need suggestions, only legendary i have is the stegodeus.

Posted this in the other topic too, but here’s the strike event guide I wrote for this - might be helpful for you.



What app is that?

JWA Index, i believe its only on the play store :frowning:

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Thanks anyway :sob:

The right is don’t bother. Level 30 Indo does 1700 damage with a base strike. He has cleansing strike that he leads with so cripples and beleeds are pointless and he is very fast. Oh and he has over 3000 health.

This is a BS PLAY TO WIN strike event. If I had not already decided this game would never get a penny out of me this would have convinced me.

Will give it one more try tomorrow; got to be worth 200. Just consoled myself with Halloween Rare Scare incubator … not bad for 9.99

Edit … definitely a cheer up … got enough Velo DNA for an Indo fuse and got a 30 :slight_smile:

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I think I’d leave indom and tany out just cuz alanky has too many shields for indom and tany will probably get one-shotted…

I’d consider stegod or rajanky instead.
good luck!

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Crud! I just spent like 70k coins and half an hour tapping evolve to level Suchotator to level 18 (only had about 10 fuses left before I’d run out of DNA too) I’ll be so annoyed if it was for nothing

Lost it l. My team was:

  • Monomimmus level 20
  • T. REX level 20
  • Pyrritator level 20
  • Stegodeus level 20

I killed Alankylosaurus but Indoraptor butchered my Pyrritator at the end with 1000 something HP left. I should have won but the piece of garbage Monomimmus haven’t dodged…