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Epic might be missing

I’ve logged on after the incubator change and there is no epic in my range all I see are the small grey incubators and I can see a lot of stops when I log in so at least one should have a epic incubator on it right?

I can’t see any either

Same here. None in sight.

I’ve got one in my circle, but it’s the only one I can see. It’s just poor distribution that Ludia fails to understand.

Bout to take a drive to verify.

Poor distribution indeed.

There is none on my map at all…why… because Ludia :weary:

What’s the point of even putting the epic strike on the calendar for today if your not going to make it available

I see no epic strike and half of my usual map is missing

Good Work Ludia :expressionless::ok_hand:t2:

I’ve not seen one and drove ten miles to the store absolutely nothing!

that’s what I thought at first. Then I saw this all the way at the end border of the map. And it’s the only One on my map. This is very unfair.

I fought it while getting green drops. The Bary G2, Irri, and Dsung were level 15-17 so I’m 99.99% sure it was treated as a rare strike or something

Same here. No sight of it. It is kinda sad because with all this pandemic things many players won’t be able to just go out and battle it

Anybody seeing it? I can’t find it, several others in my alliance aren’t seeing it either.

Yes it is out there, but very low distribution as per usual for Ludia.

Not seeing any either :frowning:

Yes I’ve seen it…it’s just to far away to do it lol per usual

I didn’t see it on my 11 mile spin route.
Here’s hoping I see it on the way to the commissary.
EDIT: Found it! Very rare.

I already beat it

No epic strike tower near me. This is so annoying.